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TAKANO Mitsuhiro takano32

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Updated Homebrew from 32c79448 to 123a1528.
==> New Formulae
aspcud homebrew/versions/hadoop121 homebrew/versions/zeromq32
duo_unix homebrew/versions/phantomjs182 libtomcrypt
==> Updated Formulae
archey homebrew/versions/cassandra12 phantomjs
curl irrlicht plplot
enet jena plustache
git jenkins rabbitmq
gnupg2 libbluray rebar
View gist:8780219
Updated Homebrew from 5950062c to 9941d3b0.
==> New Formulae
darkhttpd gtk-murrine-engine launch4j plan9port xournal
es hello libfreefare predictionio
gkrellm kvazaar osm2pgrouting subnetcalc
==> Updated Formulae
agedu influxdb poppler
arangodb kdiff3 reposurgeon
bind ledger saltstack
dcraw libusb sdcv
takano32 / race4r.rst
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Code for Resilience Team Presentation
View race4r.rst
  • モバイルラディオステーション
    • ラジオ局ガジェットの作成
    • クリミナルのときのガジェット
    • Web クリエイター募集
  • よくわからない
View gist:8911175
Updated Homebrew from 7034bc46 to d8c9e8a3.
==> New Formulae
apache-opennlp docker tcsh
bip iptux xdu
boot2docker josegonzalez/php/php53-redland xmount
burl josegonzalez/php/php54-redland
cask josegonzalez/php/php55-redland
==> Updated Formulae
ack josegonzalez/php/php54-pcntl
agedu josegonzalez/php/php54-pdo-dblib
View gist:9047429
Updated Homebrew from 40511774 to 3df0a13a.
==> New Formulae
compcert innoextract wildfly-as
gpm libcapn zpaq
homebrew/science/graph-tool libuvc
homebrew/science/libgpkg regldg
==> Updated Formulae
aardvark_shell_utils gstreamer osslsigncode
afuse hamsterdb pdf2htmlex
antlr headphones pdfcrack
View gist:9065738
Updated Homebrew from 3df0a13a to 4042f42e.
==> New Formulae
==> Updated Formulae
capnp homebrew/science/jellyfish multitail spidermonkey
exiftool mackup nsq the_silver_searcher
ghi media-info phantomjs trash
homebrew/science/armadillo mkvtoolnix play youtube-dl
homebrew/science/bowtie2 mpich2 spdylay
View gist:9086683
Updated Homebrew from 4042f42e to 790ab2c3.
==> New Formulae
homebrew/science/edirect rkhunter
==> Updated Formulae
charm-tools homebrew/science/fastx_toolkit libxmp
duti homebrew/science/genet moc
emacs homebrew/science/hmmer openrtsp
freerdp homebrew/science/insighttoolkit pev
geoipupdate homebrew/science/lola pngcrush
git homebrew/science/mtl portaudio
View gist:9203894
Updated Homebrew from e7a0af8b to fc38a631.
==> New Formulae
cdimgtools icbirc libowfat
cloudfoundry-cli jhiccup marst
gitbucket josegonzalez/php/php53-zookeeper openlitespeed
homebrew/science/nexusformat josegonzalez/php/php54-zookeeper pyenv-pip-rehash
homebrew/versions/bison27 josegonzalez/php/php55-zookeeper tnote
homebrew/versions/phantomjs192 josegonzalez/php/php56-zookeeper tpl
==> Updated Formulae
abcmidi fwknop
View gist:9225444
Updated Homebrew from fc38a631 to 4edbe750.
==> Updated Formulae
bitlbee homebrew/science/bwa libmagic pyexiv2
bsponmpi homebrew/science/cdo libmemcached pygobject
clam homebrew/science/maxima libmongoclient ruby-build
concurrencykit homebrew/science/root libswiften stormfs
dos2unix homebrew/science/velvet mahout subversion
fceux homebrew/science/vips makensis wxmac
ffmpeg2theora influxdb mariadb yap
gambit-scheme inspircd mongodb youtube-dl
View gist:9263796
Updated Homebrew from 544d2a4b to 296ee456.
==> New Formulae
mongroup vassh
==> Updated Formulae
avidemux gdal kyoto-tycoon netpbm qt
backupninja gdal-grass ledger nexus qt5
bdw-gc gearman liblwgeom nginx rakudo-star
bind geda-gaf libmemcached nmap recode
boost geocouch libmongoclient nsd redland
cadaver gfortran libmpc open-mpi ruby
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