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# vim: background=dark ts=2 sts=2 sw=2 et
set -e
scriptdir="$(cd "$(dirname "$0")"; pwd)"
script="${scriptdir%/}/$(basename "$0")"
readonly IMAGE_DIR="${HOME}/images/"
readonly CONTAINER_DIR="${HOME}/container/"
# escape docker tag for filename
escape() {
for (( i = 0; i < "${#1}"; ++i )); do
case "${1:i:1}" in
printf '%%%X' "'${1:i:1}"
printf '%c' "${1:i:1}"
pull_image() {
mkdir -p "${IMAGE_DIR}"
local repo="${1}"
local tag="${2}"
if [ -d "${IMAGE_DIR}/layers/$(escape "${repo}:${tag}")" ]; then
# already exist
local tmpdir="$(mktemp -d)"
trap "rm -rf '${tmpdir}'" RETURN
local token="$(curl -sSf -L "${repo}:pull" | jq -rc .token)"
curl -sSf -L --header "Authorization: Bearer ${token}" "${repo}/manifests/${tag}" -o "${tmpdir}/manifest"
local blobs=($(jq -rc '.fsLayers | .[].blobSum' "${tmpdir}/manifest"))
local ids=($(jq -rc '.history | .[].v1Compatibility | fromjson | .id' "${tmpdir}/manifest"))
local parents=($(jq -rc '.history | .[].v1Compatibility | fromjson | .parent' "${tmpdir}/manifest"))
local sha256s=("${blobs[@]#sha256:}")
for ((i = 0; i < ${#sha256s[@]}; ++i)); do
if [ ! -f "${IMAGE_DIR}/blobs/${sha256s[i]}.tar-split.gz" ]; then
mkdir -p "${IMAGE_DIR}/blobs/"
curl -Sf -L --header "Authorization: Bearer ${token}" "${repo}/blobs/sha256:${sha256s[i]}" -o "${IMAGE_DIR}/blobs/${sha256s[i]}.tar-split.gz"
if [ ! -d "${IMAGE_DIR}/blobs/${sha256s[i]}" ]; then
mkdir -p "${IMAGE_DIR}/blobs/${sha256s[i]}"
tar -C "${IMAGE_DIR}/blobs/${sha256s[i]}" -zxf "${IMAGE_DIR}/blobs/${sha256s[i]}.tar-split.gz"
mkdir -p "${IMAGE_DIR}/layers/${ids[i]}"
if [ "${parents[i]}" != "null" ]; then
ln -T -sf "../${parents[i]}" "${IMAGE_DIR}/layers/${ids[i]}/parent"
ln -T -sf "../../blobs/${sha256s[i]}.tar-split.gz" "${IMAGE_DIR}/layers/${ids[i]}/blob.tar-split.gz"
ln -T -sf "../../blobs/${sha256s[i]}" "${IMAGE_DIR}/layers/${ids[i]}/blob"
ln -T -sf "${ids[0]}" "${IMAGE_DIR}/layers/$(escape "${repo}:${tag}")"
main() {
local repo="${1}"; shift
local tag="${1}"; shift
local container_name="$(date +"%Y%m%d-%H%M%S")"
local tmpdir="${CONTAINER_DIR}/${container_name}/tmp"
uid_map="$(sed "s/^${USER}:\([0-9]*\):\([0-9]*\)/1 \1 \2/p;d" /etc/subuid)"
gid_map="$(sed "s/^${USER}:\([0-9]*\):\([0-9]*\)/1 \1 \2/p;d" /etc/subgid)"
mkdir -p "${tmpdir}"
mkfifo "${tmpdir}/pid4userns"
pid="$(cat "${tmpdir}/pid4userns")"
newuidmap ${pid} 0 $(id -u) 1 ${uid_map}
newgidmap ${pid} 0 $(id -g) 1 ${gid_map}
echo "ok" > "${tmpdir}/pid4userns"
echo 'nameserver' > "${tmpdir}/resolv.conf"
# ip link set up dev tap0
# ip addr add dev tap0
# ip route add default via dev tap0
exec slirp4netns -c "${pid}" tap0 >"${tmpdir}/slirp4netns.stdout" 2>"${tmpdir}/slirp4netns.stderr"
} &
trap 'kill %1' RETURN
unshare -U -m -n "${script}" Mounter "${repo}" "${tag}" "${container_name}" "${@}"
Mounter() {
# unshared user mnt net
local repo="${1}"; shift
local tag="${1}"; shift
local container_name="${1}"; shift
local tmpdir="${CONTAINER_DIR}/${container_name}/tmp"
local upperdir="${CONTAINER_DIR}/${container_name}/upper"
local workdir="${CONTAINER_DIR}/${container_name}/work"
local mergeddir="${CONTAINER_DIR}/${container_name}/merged"
echo "$$" > "${tmpdir}/pid4userns"
cat "${tmpdir}/pid4userns" >/dev/null
local layer="${IMAGE_DIR}/layers/$(escape "${repo}:${tag}")"
local lowerdirs="${layer}/blob"
while test -e "${layer}/parent"; do
mkdir -p "${upperdir}" "${workdir}" "${mergeddir}"
fuse-overlayfs -o "lowerdir=${lowerdirs},upperdir=${upperdir},workdir=${workdir}" "${mergeddir}" \
>"${tmpdir}/overlayfs.stdout" 2>"${tmpdir}/overlayfs.stderr"
cd "${mergeddir}"
sleep 1 # TODO: ensure unshare(1) is running in this directory
umount -l .
} &
# To keep fuse-overlayfs's root, unshare mnt namespace again
unshare -m -u -i -pf "${script}" Runner "${container_name}" "${@}"
Runner() {
# unshared mnt uts ipc pid (and forked)
local container_name="${1}"; shift
local tmpdir="${CONTAINER_DIR}/${container_name}/tmp"
mkdir -p proc
mount -t proc proc proc
mkdir -p sys
mount -t sysfs sysfs sys
mkdir -p dev
touch dev/null
mount --bind /dev/null dev/null
touch dev/full
mount --bind /dev/full dev/full
touch dev/zero
mount --bind /dev/zero dev/zero
touch dev/random
mount --bind /dev/random dev/random
touch dev/urandom
mount --bind /dev/urandom dev/urandom
touch dev/tty
mount --bind /dev/tty dev/tty
ln -T -sf /proc/self/fd/0 dev/stdin
ln -T -sf /proc/self/fd/1 dev/stdout
ln -T -sf /proc/self/fd/2 dev/stderr
ln -T -sf /proc/self/fd dev/fd
mkdir -p etc
touch etc/resolv.conf
mount --bind "${tmpdir}/resolv.conf" etc/resolv.conf
mkdir .old
pivot_root . .old
mount --make-rprivate .old
umount -l .old
rmdir .old
# set HOME, keep TERM
chroot . env - HOME=~root TERM="${TERM}" /bin/bash -l
pull_image "${repo}" "${tag}"
if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
main "${repo}" "${tag}"
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