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@takoeight0821 takoeight0821/lhtrpg.lisp
Last active Jun 25, 2016

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lhtrpgをCommon Lispでいじる
(mapc #'ql:quickload
(list :drakma :jonathan))
(setq drakma:*drakma-default-external-format* :utf-8)
(pushnew '("application" . "json") drakma:*text-content-types* :test #'equal)
(defun dl-lhz (label)
(jonathan:parse (drakma:http-request (format nil "" label)) :as :hash-table))
(defparameter *skills* (dl-lhz "skills"))
(defparameter *items* (dl-lhz "items"))
(defparameter *prefixed-effects* (dl-lhz "prefixed_effects"))
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