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import nnabla as nn
import nnabla.functions as F
import nnabla.parametric_functions as PF
import nnabla.solvers as S
import numpy as np
import multiprocessing
import gym
from nnabla.monitor import Monitor, MonitorSeries
from collections import OrderedDict
import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import tensorflow as tf
mode = 'maml'
seed = 0
plot = True
innerstepsize = 0.02 # stepsize in inner SGD
innerepochs = 1 # number of epochs of each inner SGD
outerstepsize0 = 0.1 if mode == 'reptile' else 0.001 # stepsize of outer optimization, i.e., meta-optimization
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def puts_colored(string, num)
puts "[\e[32m#{num}\e[0m] #{string}"
file_name = ARGV[0] do |file|
file.each_line {|line|}
timestamp = File.stat(file_name).mtime
current_line = 0