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JSON parser with Himotoki (
import Himotoki
struct EventListResponse: Decodable {
internal let results_returned: Int
internal let results_start: String
internal let events: [Events]
static func decode(e: Extractor) throws -> EventListResponse {
return try EventListResponse(
results_returned: e <| "results_returned",
results_start: e <| "results_start",
events: e <|| "events"
struct Events: Decodable {
internal let event: Event
static func decode(e: Extractor) throws -> Events {
return try Events (
event: e <| "event"
struct Event: Decodable {
internal let event_id: Int
internal let title: String
internal let description: String
internal let event_url: String
internal let url: String?
internal let address: String
internal let place: String
static func decode(e: Extractor) throws -> Event {
return try Event (
event_id: e <| "event_id",
title: e <| "title",
description: e <| "description",
event_url: e <| "event_url",
url: e <|? "url",
address: e <| "address",
place: e <| "place"
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