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template modals
interface CustomOverlayConfig {
hasBackdropClick?: boolean;
isCentered?: boolean;
size?: any;
top?: string;
const DEFAULT_CUSTOM_CONFIG: CustomOverlayConfig = {
hasBackdropClick: false,
isCentered: true,
size: null
export class TemplateModalService {
public dialogRef: TemplateModalOverlayRef;
public customConfig: CustomOverlayConfig;
private injector: Injector,
private overlay: Overlay
) { }
open(templateRef: CdkPortal, config: FormModalConfig = {}, customConfig: CustomOverlayConfig = {}) {...}
public dialogRef: TemplateModalOverlayRef;
@ViewChild('ratingModal') ratingModal: TemplatePortal<any>;
public closeModal() {
<ng-template cdkPortal #ratingModal="cdkPortal">
<rating-modal [modalData]="modalData | async" (close)="closeModal()" (ratings)="updateRating($event)" (rate)="rateEvent($event)"></rating-modal>
this.dialogRef =, {}, {
isCentered: false
import { OverlayRef } from '@angular/cdk/overlay';
export class TemplateModalOverlayRef {
constructor(private overlayRef: OverlayRef) { }
close(): void {
private attachModalContainer(
overlayRef: OverlayRef,
config: FormModalConfig,
dialogRef: TemplateModalOverlayRef,
templateRef: CdkPortal // this was added
) {
const injector = this.createInjector(config, dialogRef);
const containerRef = overlayRef.attach(templateRef); // this was changed
return containerRef;
private getOverlayConfig(config: FormModalConfig): OverlayConfig {
let positionStrategy = this.overlay.position()
if (this.customConfig.isCentered) {
positionStrategy = positionStrategy
if (this.customConfig.size) {
positionStrategy = positionStrategy
if ( {
positionStrategy = positionStrategy

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capaneus commented Jan 18, 2019

hi Zlati,
Thanks for you artical introducing 3 ways to create a Modal Window. It's really brilliant. My personal preference is the 3rd solution, I'm trying to follow the artical but blocked.
in template.modal.service.ts -> attachModalContainer function, the injector wasn't used, so there is no place to connect the TemplateModalOverlayRef with templateRef: CdkPortalm, in previous solution when using ComponentPortal, this link was bridged through injector
So when I tried the 3rd method, at first it failed at
It complains there is no directive with "exportAs" set to "cdkPortal"
then I removed ="cdkPortal"
it complains: Attempting to attach an unknown Portal type. BasePortalOutlet accepts either a ComponentPortal or a TemplatePortal
at here: const containerRef = overlayRef.attach(templateRef);

Is there anything missing in the sample?



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jeremyputeaux commented Feb 17, 2019

Actually, in step 3 you can remove all lines related to injector.
Also you probably forgot to import PortalModule.

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