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With the rise of the real time web and new powerful network stacks like Nodejs, writing code that can be clean, well tested and run anywhere has become vitally important as web applications grow in size.
Many new frameworks and stacks have begun to appear around the grown of nodejs such as Meteor.js, Now.js and DNode that show what the web is now capable of.
This talk will cover DNode – a clever Remote Procedure Call (RPC) stack implemented over websockets that gets out your way and allows you to write powerful code – it’s callbacks all the way down!
The talk will include code examples and cover topics such as:
Installing Nodejs and DNode as your server stack
Look mum! No events – Writing one way RPC from client to server
Implementing two way RPC to allow the server to communicate with the client
Writing DNode Middleware – exposing sessions and databases to DNode securely
The talk will feature demos that will just scratch the surface of how powerful DNode can be.
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