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emmanuel / file.sql
Created Jun 2, 2011
Closure Table operations SQL fragments
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-- Retrieve descendants
-- ====================
-- retrieve descendants of #4
FROM Comments AS c
JOIN TreePaths AS t ON c.comment_id = t.descendant
WHERE t.ancestor = 4;
-- Retrieve ancestors


The function manipulation language

"I just implemented Conway's Game of Life in two lines of code. #fml"

pad = x flip[stitch] 0, stitch 0, flip[cat] 0, cat 0
life = pad, neighborhoods[3 3], [ravel, [sum in?: [x @ 4, + 3; 3]]]/2
ik5 / dynamic_method.pas
Created Jun 18, 2012
How dynamically execute a method in Object Pascal Class
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{$mode objfpc}{$M+}
program test;
TMyClass = class
procedure SayHi;
procedure TMyClass.SayHi;
tangentstorm / likstromsnat.hs
Last active Oct 9, 2015
a little electronics problem
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| a dumb little circuit simulator in haskell
| by tangentstorm, 2012/08/22
| This basically just calculates values using Ohm's law.
| it (probably?) only works for simple circuits where there
| is a single path from the power source to each node, and
| from each node back to the power source.
| many thanks to quicksilver and Axman6 on #haskell for advice
koo5 / source.txt
Created Nov 22, 2012
"The Amazing Interactive Turing Machine" by "J.D. Clemens"
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"The Amazing Interactive Turing Machine" by "J.D. Clemens"
Section 1 - Bibliographic Data
The story headline is "An Interactive Waste of Time".
The story genre is "Other".
The story description is "You have almost reached the end of your shift. All that remains is to clean one final room, the control room for that weird contraption being built by the scientists here. Carrying your usual equipment, you open the door and step into... The Amazing Interactive Turing Machine!"
Release along with source text and a website.
tangentstorm / FORLOOP.rx
Last active Dec 11, 2015
Talk about "build one to throw away"
FOR x := start TO goal BY step DO
## StringTemplate ( generating retro code ):
for_stmt(id, beg, end, step, block) ::= <<
( FOR ) <id>
tangentstorm / objpas-lexer.txt
Created Feb 27, 2013
Lexer DFA for object pascal
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alexaltair / Today's
Last active Dec 18, 2015
An exploration of infinite lists.
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The first thing that really surprised me today was the flexibility of Ruby's shovel operator, <<. A student in the class had tried the following:

a = [0]
a << a

What do you think a is now? I was sure it would be [0, [0]]. But lo and behold, Ruby sparkles;

a = [0]
a << a
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type Message struct {
type string
midiData [3]byte
sysexLen int
func NewBoard() *Board {
b := &Board{}
// Start the message loops
tangentstorm / something4thy.js
Created Aug 2, 2013
something 4thy this way comes...
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var b4 = (new function() { var EOF='\0',self = {
d:[], a:[], // data and auxiliary/return stack
defs:[],core:[],scope:[], // dictionary
base:10, // numbers
cp:-1, ch:'\x01',ibuf:[],wd:'', // lexer state
compiling:false,state:[],target:[], // compiler state
def : function (k,v){
var res=self.defs.length; self.defs.push(v); self.scope[0].push([k,res]); return res },
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