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"Voice or Exit"? How about Voice AND Exit

We can fix this, and it doesn't require us turning our back on the old system. In fact, it makes it much more difficult for new and improved systems to emerge if we don't work together with those who are trying to improve the old system.

Do you think Trump would be cool with liquid democracy or sovereign city-states? What about Hillary?

I think both would make it very difficult to make any radical improvements. By choosing either we are simultaneously limiting our options to move forward and experiment with new systems. In fact, we increase the likelihood that new systems will simply be outright banned.

So this election, if you agree, #VoteThirdParty.

I've come around to the view that it would be better to *indirectly* elect T or H due to a surge in #thirdparty voting than any other option

Credit for "voice or exit" to Balaji Srinivasan.

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