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Belief Confirmation/Perseverance: "Never Talk about Religion, Sex, or Politics"

Belief confirmation (or belief perseverance) is a kind of confirmation bias.

Let's look at how this works with people who have taken Never Talk about Religion, Sex, or Politics to heart (a saying that has some truth to it, but is also misunderstood by some to apply to literally all situations).

  1. Person A hears, "Never Talk about Religion, Sex, or Politics", gets a superficial understanding about what the phrase means, and decides to follow this advice.
  2. They avoid having conversations about religion, sex, and politics, and thus never having their views challenged, become fairly ignorant about all of these subjects.
  3. Any time they do catch themselves having a conversation about any of these subjects, they are ridiculed because of their myopi

On Short Labels

Whether it's because of websites like Twitter, with its limit on character counts, or whether it's something else, the use of short labels is astonishingly common online, in both tweets and headlines.

What do I mean by "short label"? Things like:

  • Democrats
  • Republicans
  • Liberals
  • Conservatives
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Created Nov 16, 2018
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Created Oct 31, 2018
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Why 9/11 Justice Takes Time

There are different reasons for different people.

Category: Fooled Celebrities

The 9/11 false flag fooled quite a large number of people. One could say it fooled several countries (thanks to centralized ownership of mass media).

  1. If you took the early consensus stance as a celebrity (meaning, like most, you were fooled), it becomes very difficult for you to say anything on the topic of 9/11, simply because it's a point of embarassment and guilt.
  2. If you have a large following and use it to go against the mythmaker-narrative, you may become a target for harassament.

Anyone-Can-Spend Transactions Creep Into Bitcoin

An increased use of anyone-can-spend (ACS) transactions in Bitcoin has potentially dangerous repercussions for its future.

ACS in Drivechain

DISCLAIMER: This is my current understanding, and as Drivechain evolves it might change.

Normal bitcoins cannot be stolen by anyone. You need the private key to spend them. Even a 51%+ coalition of miners cannot spend them (but they can censor them).


Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am taoeffect on github.
  • I am greg ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is C32D E666 4644 751C 9B80 D998 4B4D 4371 A884 B988

To claim this, I am signing this object:


Clarifying The "Free ETC" Coinbase Confusion

I do not work for Coinbase and do not in any way speak for or represent them. This post was hastily written and is probably full of typos!

This is my attempt to clarify the possibilities that might be going on, based on various Coinbase employee statements.

First, I should highlight that there has been a good amount of confusion created by the replay attacks going on between the "two" Ethereum chains. So much so that it seems to have confused just about everyone, including me, as to the details of what's going on with Coinbase's ETH/ETC (and other ETH/ETC).

I put "two" in quotes because at the moment it's more like there are "1.25 Ethereum chains" because of the replay attacks, which are causing almost every transaction to get mirrored on the other chain. Replay attacks are possible because Ethereum's hard fork did not take steps to make Ethereum transactions invalid on the original chain. Instead, all transactions are valid on both chains unless specia

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