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Greg Slepak taoeffect

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Anyone-Can-Spend Transactions Creep Into Bitcoin

An increased use of anyone-can-spend (ACS) transactions in Bitcoin has potentially dangerous repercussions for its future.

ACS in Drivechain

DISCLAIMER: This is my current understanding, and as Drivechain evolves it might change.

Normal bitcoins cannot be stolen by anyone. You need the private key to spend them. Even a 51%+ coalition of miners cannot spend them (but they can censor them).


Keybase proof

I hereby claim:

  • I am taoeffect on github.
  • I am greg ( on keybase.
  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is C32D E666 4644 751C 9B80 D998 4B4D 4371 A884 B988

To claim this, I am signing this object:


Clarifying The "Free ETC" Coinbase Confusion

I do not work for Coinbase and do not in any way speak for or represent them. This post was hastily written and is probably full of typos!

This is my attempt to clarify the possibilities that might be going on, based on various Coinbase employee statements.

First, I should highlight that there has been a good amount of confusion created by the replay attacks going on between the "two" Ethereum chains. So much so that it seems to have confused just about everyone, including me, as to the details of what's going on with Coinbase's ETH/ETC (and other ETH/ETC).

I put "two" in quotes because at the moment it's more like there are "1.25 Ethereum chains" because of the replay attacks, which are causing almost every transaction to get mirrored on the other chain. Replay attacks are possible because Ethereum's hard fork did not take steps to make Ethereum transactions invalid on the original chain. Instead, all transactions are valid on both chains unless specia


The NSA-Activist Duality

The Activist wants to protect people, but in doing so acknowledges their methods also protect bad people.

The NSA wants to protect people, but in doing so acknowledges their methods also harm good people.


$200 in BTC for MSM Blocker Browser Extension

Here's what it does:

  • Once every 4 hours, it scans headlines on homepages of NYTimes, Fox News, Huffington Post, CNN and Washington Post
  • If there is a headline that contains the same word on 2 or more of the sites (excluding articles like "a", "the" and pronouns), it uses some type of fuzzy-filtering to grey out all appearances of all versions of this headline on all social networks, especially twitter.

It must work in Firefox 57+, and ideally it would work in other browsers as well (via WebExtensions). Released under some open source license.

If you like this idea and want to pitch in, feel free to post a comment below or tweet at me.

View "Instantly" Understand U.S. Monetary

"Instantly" Understand U.S. Monetary Policy

Well, maybe. If any of this is confusing, see the Resources section at the bottom.

U.S. Economic Policy In A Nutshell

Quick terms (might differ a bit from other sources):

  • "T-bills"/"treasuries"/"bonds" (there are multiple types) = a promise (from the US government) to repay an amount of cash at a specific future date, with interest. These are not intended to be used as money to buy goods/services, but are a mechanism for "the fed" to manipulate interest rates, the amount of cash flowing through the economy, and the amount of cash that the government has to spend on things.
  • "Reserves" = cash (typically cash that a bank actually has).
taoeffect / Google
Last active Nov 21, 2016
How to stop Google Chrome from violating your Mac
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  1. Open the Terminal app (search for it in Spotlight)

  2. Enter the following command at the prompt to delete the offending files and folders (you will be prompted for your admin password):

     sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/*
  3. We're not done yet. Google will re-install its software update junk, so we have to change the owner and group of the folder to the "admin" user:

     sudo chown root:wheel ~/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate

"Voice or Exit"? How about Voice AND Exit

We can fix this, and it doesn't require us turning our back on the old system. In fact, it makes it much more difficult for new and improved systems to emerge if we don't work together with those who are trying to improve the old system.

Do you think Trump would be cool with liquid democracy or sovereign city-states? What about Hillary?

I think both would make it very difficult to make any radical improvements. By choosing either we are simultaneously limiting our options to move forward and experiment with new systems. In fact, we increase the likelihood that new systems will simply be outright banned.

So this election, if you agree, #VoteThirdParty.

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Created Feb 7, 2014
DNSChain + DNSCrypt! :-D
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dnscrypt-proxy --local-address= --resolver-address= --provider-key=1D85:3953:E34F:AFD0:05F9:4C6F:D1CC:E635:D411:9904:0D48:D19A:5D35:0B6A:7C81:73CB
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Signature for Espionage 3.6.6
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