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Last active Dec 10, 2015
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(require 'url)
(require 'xml)
(require 'sha1-el)
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(defgroup hatena nil
:group 'applications)
(defcustom hatena:username-function
#'(lambda () (read-string "[Hatena] User name: "))
"Function to retrieve user name for Hatena."
:type 'function
:group 'hatena)
(defcustom hatena:password-function
#'(lambda () (read-passwd "[Hatena] Password: "))
"Function to retrieve password for Hatena."
:type 'function
:group 'hatena)
(defvar hatena:username nil
"User name for Hatena.")
(defvar hatena:password nil
"Password for Hatena.")
(defstruct (hatena:d:entry (:constructor hatena:d:make-entry))
type id user title created updated source content)
(defsubst hatena-d-api-decode (str)
(when (stringp str) (decode-coding-string str 'utf-8)))
(defsubst hatena-d-api-parse-date (date)
(date-to-time (replace-regexp-in-string
"\\(\\+[0-9][0-9]\\):\\([0-9][0-9]\\)$" "\\1\\2" date)))
(defsubst hatena-d-api-id-epoch (id)
;; diary date and epoch
(last (split-string (or (car-safe (last (split-string id ":"))) "") "-") 2))
(defsubst hatena-d-api-buffer-content ()
(buffer-substring-no-properties (point-min) (point-max)))
(defsubst hatena-d-api-iso-date ()
(format-time-string "%Y-%m-%dT%TZ" (current-time) t))
(defsubst hatena-d-api-update-entry (entry new)
(setf (hatena:d:entry-id entry) (hatena:d:entry-id new))
(setf (hatena:d:entry-user entry) (hatena:d:entry-user new))
(setf (hatena:d:entry-title entry) (hatena:d:entry-title new))
(setf (hatena:d:entry-created entry) (hatena:d:entry-created new))
(setf (hatena:d:entry-updated entry) (hatena:d:entry-updated new))
(setf (hatena:d:entry-content entry) (hatena:d:entry-content new)))
;; APIs
(defsubst hatena:d:api:uri (type user &rest args)
(let ((base (format "" user type)))
(mapconcat #'identity (cons base args) "/")))
(defsubst hatena:d:api:member-uri (type user date epoch)
(cond ((eq type 'blog) (hatena:d:api:uri type user date epoch))
((eq type 'draft) (hatena:d:api:uri type user epoch))))
(defun hatena:username ()
"User name for Hatena."
(when (and (not hatena:username) (functionp hatena:username-function))
(setq hatena:username (funcall hatena:username-function)))
(unless hatena:username (error "No user name specified"))
(defun hatena:password ()
"Password for Hatena."
(when (and (not hatena:password) (functionp hatena:password-function))
(setq hatena:password (funcall hatena:password-function)))
(unless hatena:password (error "No password specified"))
(defun hatena:d:api:wsse ()
"Make X-WSSE HTTP header field.
`hatena:username' and `hatena:password' are used to make the
header field."
(let* ((user (hatena:username))
(created (hatena-d-api-iso-date))
(nonce (sha1 created))
(digest (concat nonce created (hatena:password)))
(digest (base64-encode-string (sha1-binary digest)))
(nonce (base64-encode-string nonce)))
(cons "X-WSSE"
(mapconcat #'identity
(list (format "UsernameToken Username=\"%s\"" user)
(format "PasswordDigest=\"%s\"" digest)
(format "Nonce=\"%s\"" nonce)
(format "Created=\"%s\"" created))
", "))))
(defun hatena:d:api:request (uri &optional method headers data)
"Request URI with METHOD.
If METHOD is nil, \"GET\" is used for non-data requests and
\"POST\" is used for data requests. If HEADERS is non-nil, they
are appended to the request header in addition to X-WSSE header
generated by `hatena:d:api:wsse'."
(let* ((url-request-method (or method (or (and data "POST") "GET")))
(headers (cons (hatena:d:api:wsse) headers))
(url-request-extra-headers headers)
(url-request-data (and data (encode-coding-string data 'utf-8)))
(buf (url-retrieve-synchronously uri)))
(with-current-buffer buf
(let ((txt (hatena-d-api-buffer-content))
(xml (xml-parse-region (point-min) (point-max))))
(cons (split-string txt "\n") xml)))
(kill-buffer buf))))
(defun hatena:d:api:entries (type &optional user page)
"Retrieve Hatena::Diary entries.
TYPE must be either `blog' or `draft'. If USER is nil then the
value of `hatena:username' is used. If PAGE is non-nil, it is
used to specify the page number of entry list."
(let* ((user (or user (hatena:username)))
(uri (hatena:d:api:uri type user))
(uri (if (integerp page) (format "%s?page=%d" uri page) uri))
(res (hatena:d:api:request uri)))
(mapcar #'(lambda (entry)
(let ((entry (hatena-d-api-decode-entry entry)))
(setf (hatena:d:entry-type entry) type)
(loop for e in (cdr (car (cdr res)))
when (and (listp e) (equal (nth 0 e) 'entry))
collect e))))
(defun hatena:d:api:save (entry &optional update publish)
"Save ENTRY.
If UPDATE is non-nil, the current time is specified as an update
time. If PUBLISH is non-nil and ENTRY is a draft entry, then the
entry is published as a blog entry.
After the request is accepted successfully, ENTRY is updated
using the response of the request."
(unless (hatena:d:entry-type entry) (error "Entry type not specified"))
(let* ((type (hatena:d:entry-type entry))
(user (hatena:d:entry-user entry))
(title (hatena:d:entry-title entry))
(header (and publish '(("X-HATENA-PUBLISH" . "1"))))
(content (hatena:d:entry-source entry))
method uri data)
((hatena:d:entry-id entry) ; update
(setq uri (hatena-d-api-entry-member-uri entry) method "PUT"))
(t ; new post
(setq uri (hatena:d:api:uri type user) method "POST" update t)))
(setq data (hatena-d-api-data-xml title content update))
(let ((result (hatena:d:api:request uri method header data)))
(when (eq (car-safe (car-safe (cdr result))) 'entry)
(let ((new-entry (hatena-d-api-decode-entry (cadr result))))
(hatena-d-api-update-entry entry new-entry)))
(caar result))))
(defun hatena:d:api:delete (entry)
"Delete ENTRY."
(let ((uri (hatena-d-api-entry-member-uri entry))
(method "DELETE"))
(caar (hatena:d:api:request uri method))))
(defun hatena:d:api:publish (entry)
"Publish ENTRY. ENTRY must be a draft entry."
(unless (eq (hatena:d:entry-type entry) 'draft)
(error "Publishing non-draft entry"))
(hatena:d:api:get-source entry)
(hatena:d:api:save entry nil t))
(defun hatena:d:api:get-source (entry &optional force)
"Return source of ENTRY.
If no source is stored in ENTRY or FORCE is non-nil, then
retrieve it from the remote service."
(when (and (or force (not (hatena:d:entry-source entry)))
(hatena:d:entry-id entry))
(let* ((uri (hatena-d-api-entry-member-uri entry))
(source (nth 1 (hatena:d:api:request uri)))
(content (hatena-d-api-decode
(nth 2 (or (assq 'hatena:syntax source)
(assq 'content source))))))
(setf (hatena:d:entry-source entry) content)))
(hatena:d:entry-source entry))
;; internal functions
(defun hatena-d-api-entry-member-uri (entry)
(destructuring-bind (date epoch)
(hatena-d-api-id-epoch (hatena:d:entry-id entry))
(let ((type (hatena:d:entry-type entry))
(user (hatena:d:entry-user entry)))
(hatena:d:api:member-uri type user date epoch))))
(defun hatena-d-api-decode-entry (entry)
(let ((id (nth 2 (assq 'id entry)))
(user (nth 2 (nth 3 (assq 'author entry))))
(title (hatena-d-api-decode (nth 2 (assq 'title entry))))
(created (hatena-d-api-parse-date (nth 2 (assq 'published entry))))
(updated (hatena-d-api-parse-date (nth 2 (assq 'updated entry))))
(content (hatena-d-api-decode (nth 2 (assq 'content entry)))))
:id id :user user :title title :content content
:created created :updated updated)))
(defun hatena-d-api-escape (s)
(mapc #'(lambda (x) (setq s (replace-regexp-in-string (car x) (cdr x) s)))
'(("&" . "&amp;") (">" . "&gt;") ("<" . "&lt;") ("\"" . "&quot;")))
(defun hatena-d-api-data-xml (title content update)
(let* ((date (format "\n<updated>%s</updated>" (hatena-d-api-iso-date)))
(update (or (and update date) ""))
(title (hatena-d-api-escape title))
(content (hatena-d-api-escape content)))
(format "<entry xmlns=\"\">
<content type=\"text/plain\">%s</content>%s
</entry>" title content update)))
(provide 'hatena-diary-api)
;;; hatena-diary-api.el ends here
(require 'tabulated-list)
(require 'hatena-diary-api)
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(defgroup hatena-diary nil
"Access to Hatena::Diary."
:group 'applications)
(defcustom hatena:d:username nil
"User name for Hatena::Diary.
This can be different from `hatena:username', which is used for
authentication together with `hatena:password'."
:type '(choice string (const nil :tag "none"))
:group 'hatena-diary)
(defcustom hatena:d:auto-pager t
"t means that the next page of entry list is automatically
loaded when the cursor reaches to the end of the buffer."
:type 'boolean
:group 'hatena-diary)
(defcustom hatena:d:major-mode 'html-mode
"Major mode for editing a Hatena::Diary entry."
:type 'function
:group 'hatena-diary)
(defcustom hatena:d:no-auto-save t
"t means to disable auto-saving Hatena::Diary entries."
:type 'boolean
:group 'hatena-diary)
(defcustom hatena:d:working-directory
(concat (file-name-as-directory user-emacs-directory) "hatena/")
"Directory used by Hatena::Diary application.
Hatena::Diary uses this directory only for auto-saving buffer
:type 'directory
:group 'hatena-diary)
(defface hatena:d:list-delete
'((t (:inherit error)))
"Face for list item marked as to delete."
:group 'hatena-diary)
(defface hatena:d:list-publish
'((t (:inherit font-lock-constant-face)))
"Face for list item marked as to publish."
:group 'hatena-diary)
(defconst hatena-d-entries-buffer "*Hatena::Diary Entries%s*")
(defconst hatena-d-drafts-buffer "*Hatena::Diary Drafts%s*")
(defconst hatena-d-preview-buffer "*Hatena::Diary Preview%s*")
(defconst hatena-d-title-width 56)
(defconst hatena-d-date-width 20)
(defconst hatena-d-category-width 20)
(defconst hatena-d-list-message
"Commands: N, v, V, c, C; d, P, u, x; q to quit; ? for help.")
(defvar hatena-d-entry nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'hatena-d-entry)
(put 'hatena-d-entry 'permanent-local t)
(defvar hatena-d-file-name nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'hatena-d-file-name)
(put 'hatena-d-file-name 'permanent-local t)
(defvar hatena-d-type nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'hatena-d-type)
(defvar hatena-d-current-page nil)
(make-variable-buffer-local 'hatena-d-current-page)
(defvar hatena:d:list-mode-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(set-keymap-parent map tabulated-list-mode-map)
(define-key map (kbd "RET") #'hatena:d:list-select)
(define-key map (kbd "v") #'hatena:d:list-preview)
(define-key map (kbd "V") #'hatena:d:list-view)
(define-key map (kbd "d") #'hatena:d:list-delete)
(define-key map (kbd "D") #'hatena:d:list-delete)
(define-key map (kbd "P") #'hatena:d:list-publish)
(define-key map (kbd "u") #'hatena:d:list-unmark)
(define-key map (kbd "x") #'hatena:d:list-execute)
(define-key map (kbd "N") #'hatena:d:list-retrieve-next)
(define-key map (kbd "c") #'hatena:d:new)
(define-key map (kbd "C") #'hatena:d:new-draft)
(defvar hatena:d:list-item-map
(let ((map (make-sparse-keymap)))
(define-key map [mouse-1] #'hatena:d:list-mouse-select)
(defsubst hatena:d:user ()
(or hatena:d:username (hatena:username)))
(defsubst hatena-d-entry-file (entry)
(concat (file-name-as-directory hatena:d:working-directory)
(hatena-d-entry-unique-name entry)))
(defsubst hatena-d-format-time (time)
(format-time-string "%Y-%m-%d %T" time))
(defsubst hatena-d-buffer-name (base user)
(format base (or (and user (format " [%s]" user)) "")))
(defsubst hatena-d-entries-buffer (&optional user)
(hatena-d-buffer-name hatena-d-entries-buffer user))
(defsubst hatena-d-drafts-buffer (&optional user)
(hatena-d-buffer-name hatena-d-drafts-buffer user))
(defsubst hatena-d-preview-buffer (&optional user)
(hatena-d-buffer-name hatena-d-preview-buffer user))
(defsubst hatena-d-list-get-cols ()
(or (get-text-property (point) 'tabulated-list-entry)
(car-safe (cdr (assq (tabulated-list-get-id) tabulated-list-entries)))))
;; commands
(defun hatena:d:list (&optional arg)
"List Hatena::Diary blog entries in a buffer."
(interactive "P")
(switch-to-buffer (hatena:d:list-noselect arg))
(message hatena-d-list-message))
(defun hatena:d:list-noselect (&optional arg)
"List Hatena::Diary blog entries in a buffer without selecting it."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((user (and arg (hatena-d-list-ask-user)))
(buffer (get-buffer-create (hatena-d-entries-buffer user))))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(hatena-d-list-set-user user)
(defun hatena:d:list-draft (&optional arg)
"List Hatena::Diary draft entries in a buffer."
(interactive "P")
(switch-to-buffer (hatena:d:list-draft-noselect arg))
(message hatena-d-list-message))
(defun hatena:d:list-draft-noselect (&optional arg)
"List Hatena::Diary draft entries in a buffer without selecting it."
(interactive "P")
(let* ((user (and arg (hatena-d-list-ask-user)))
(buffer (get-buffer-create (hatena-d-drafts-buffer user))))
(with-current-buffer buffer
(hatena-d-list-set-user user)
(hatena-d-list-refresh 'draft)
(defun hatena:d:new-noselect (&optional entry buf)
"Open a buffer for a Hatena::Diary entry without selecting the buffer.
If ENTRY is specified, open a buffer for the entry. Otherwise,
open a buffer for a new entry."
(unless entry
(setq entry (hatena:d:make-entry :type 'blog :user (hatena:d:user))))
(unless (hatena:d:entry-p entry) (error "Non entry object specified"))
(let* ((title (or (hatena:d:entry-title entry) " Title"))
(content (or (hatena:d:api:get-source entry) ""))
(name (hatena-d-entry-unique-name entry))
(buf (or buf (get-buffer-create name))))
(with-current-buffer buf
(when (or (hatena:d:entry-id entry) (= (point-min) (point-max)))
;; initialize
(insert (format "*%s\n\n" title))
(insert content)
(unless (= (char-before (point)) ?\n) (insert "\n"))
(when (fboundp hatena:d:major-mode) (funcall hatena:d:major-mode))
(goto-char (point-min))
(when hatena:d:no-auto-save
(auto-save-mode -1)
(set (make-local-variable 'auto-save-default) nil))
(setq buffer-undo-list nil)
(set-buffer-modified-p nil))
(setq hatena-d-entry entry)
(hatena:d:edit-mode 1)
(defun hatena:d:new (&optional entry)
"Open a buffer for a Hatena::Diary entry.
If ENTRY is specified, open a buffer for the entry. Otherwise,
open a buffer for a new entry."
(switch-to-buffer (hatena:d:new-noselect entry)))
(defun hatena:d:new-draft-noselect ()
"Open a buffer for a new Hatena::Diary draft without selecting the buffer."
(hatena:d:new (hatena:d:make-entry :type 'draft :user (hatena:d:user))))
(defun hatena:d:new-draft ()
"Open a buffer for a new Hatena::Diary draft."
(switch-to-buffer (hatena:d:new-draft-noselect)))
;; modes
(define-minor-mode hatena:d:edit-mode
"Minor mode for editing Hatena::Diary entry."
:group 'hatena-diary
(if hatena:d:edit-mode
;; on
(let ((name (hatena-d-entry-file hatena-d-entry)))
(hatena-d-set-file-name name)
(set-buffer-modified-p nil)
(add-hook 'multi-indirect-buffer-hook
#'hatena-d-set-revert-function nil t)
(when (boundp 'multi-indirect-buffers-alist)
(dolist (elt multi-indirect-buffers-alist)
(with-current-buffer (cdr elt)
(unless (null (buffer-base-buffer))
(add-hook 'write-file-functions #'hatena:d:save nil t)
(add-hook 'after-change-major-mode-hook
#'hatena:d:restore-edit-mode nil t))
;; off
(kill-local-variable 'revert-buffer-function)
(remove-hook 'after-change-major-mode-hook #'hatena:d:restore-edit-mode t)
(remove-hook 'write-contents-functions #'hatena:d:save t)))
(define-derived-mode hatena:d:list-mode tabulated-list-mode
"Major mode for listing Hatena::Diary entries.
The entry list is invoked by the commands \\[hatena:d:list] and
In Hatena::Diary entry list mode, the following commands are defined:
\\[quit-window] Remove the entry list from the display.
\\[hatena:d:list-select] Select this line's entry and open its source text.
\\[hatena:d:list-preview] Toggle preview mode.
\\[hatena:d:list-view] Select this line's entry and open its source text in `view-mode'.
\\[hatena:d:list-delete] Mark the buffer on this entry line for deletion.
\\[hatena:d:list-publish] Mark the buffer on this draft entry line for publish.
\\[hatena:d:list-unmark] Cancel all requested operations on buffer on this line.
\\[hatena:d:list-execute] Do marked operations.
\\[hatena:d:list-retrieve-next] Retrieve the next page of entries and add them to the list.
\\[hatena:d:new] Open a buffer for a new blog entry.
\\[hatena:d:new-draft] Open a buffer for a new draft entry."
(add-hook 'tabulated-list-revert-hook #'hatena-d-list-refresh nil t)
(add-hook 'post-command-hook #'hatena-d-list-auto-pager nil t)
(setq show-trailing-whitespace nil)
(hl-line-mode 1))
(define-minor-mode hatena:d:list-preview-mode
"Minor mode for Hatena::Diary list preview."
:group 'hatena-diary
(if hatena:d:list-preview-mode
;; on
(add-hook 'post-command-hook #'hatena:d:list-preview1 nil t)
;; off
(remove-hook 'post-command-hook #'hatena:d:list-preview1 t)
;; mode commands
(defun hatena:d:list-select ()
"Select this line's entry and open its source text."
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id)))
(when (hatena:d:entry-p entry) (hatena:d:new entry))))
(defun hatena:d:list-mouse-select (event)
"Select the entry whose line you click on and open its source text."
(interactive "e")
(select-window (posn-window (event-end event)))
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id (posn-point (event-end event)))))
(when (hatena:d:entry-p entry) (hatena:d:new entry))))
(defun hatena:d:list-view ()
"Select this line's entry and open its source text in `view-mode'."
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id)))
(when (hatena:d:entry-p entry)
(let ((buf (hatena:d:new-noselect entry)))
(with-current-buffer buf
(view-mode 1))
(switch-to-buffer buf)))))
(defun hatena:d:list-preview1 ()
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id))
(win (selected-window))
(buf (get-buffer-create (hatena-d-preview-buffer hatena:d:username))))
(if (not (hatena:d:entry-p entry))
(with-current-buffer buf
(setq show-trailing-whitespace nil)
(insert (hatena:d:entry-content entry))
(goto-char (point-min))
(set-buffer-modified-p nil)
((eq (hatena:d:entry-type entry) 'blog)
(if (fboundp 'w3m-buffer) (w3m-buffer) (html-mode)))
((eq (hatena:d:entry-type entry) 'draft)
(when (fboundp hatena:d:major-mode) (funcall hatena:d:major-mode)))))
(switch-to-buffer-other-window buf t)
(select-window win))))
(defun hatena:d:list-preview ()
"Toggle preview mode.
A preview of this line's entry shows up on the other buffer.
For blog entries, the preview is either formatted text generated
by `w3m' or `html-mode'. For draft entries, the preview is a
source text with `hatena:d:major-mode'."
(if hatena:d:list-preview-mode ; toggle
(hatena:d:list-preview-mode 0)
(hatena:d:list-preview-mode 1)
(defun hatena:d:list-close-preview ()
(let ((win (get-buffer-window (hatena-d-preview-buffer hatena:d:username))))
(when win (delete-window win))))
(defun hatena:d:list-delete ()
"Mark the buffer on this entry line for deletion."
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id)))
(unless entry (error "No entry at point")))
(hatena-d-list-put-mark "D")
(hatena-d-list-apply-face 'hatena:d:list-delete)
(forward-line 1))
(defun hatena:d:list-publish ()
"Mark the buffer on this draft entry line for publish."
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id)))
(unless entry (error "No entry at point"))
(unless (and (hatena:d:entry-p entry)
(eq (hatena:d:entry-type entry) 'draft))
(error "No draft entry at point")))
(hatena-d-list-put-mark "P")
(hatena-d-list-apply-face 'hatena:d:list-publish)
(forward-line 1))
(defun hatena:d:list-unmark (&optional noforward)
"Cancel all requested operations on buffer on this line."
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id)))
(unless entry (error "No entry at point")))
(hatena-d-list-put-mark " ")
(hatena-d-list-apply-face 'default)
(unless noforward (forward-line 1)))
(defun hatena:d:list-execute1 (entry what)
(let (status)
((= what ?D)
(setq status (hatena:d:api:delete entry)))
((= what ?P)
(setq status (hatena:d:api:publish entry))))
(when status
(message status)
(string-match-p "200 OK$" status))))
(defun hatena:d:list-execute ()
"Do marked operations."
(goto-char (point-min))
(while (not (eobp))
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id)))
((hatena:d:entry-p entry)
(if (prog1 (hatena:d:list-execute1 entry (char-after))
(hatena:d:list-unmark t))
(forward-line 1)))
(t (forward-line 1)))))))
(defun hatena:d:list-retrieve-next ()
"Retrieve the next page of entries and add them to the list."
(let* ((type (or hatena-d-type 'blog))
(user (hatena:d:user))
(page (1+ (or hatena-d-current-page 0)))
(es (hatena:d:api:entries type user page)))
(setq hatena-d-current-page page)
(hatena-d-list-append es)
(tabulated-list-print t)))
(defun hatena:d:save (&optional entry)
"Save the Hatena::Diary entry.
If the entry is a blog entry, it is immediately reflected to the
public Web page of Hatena::Diary. If the entry is a draft entry,
it is saved to the draft collection."
(with-current-buffer (or (buffer-base-buffer) (current-buffer))
(let ((entry (or entry hatena-d-entry)) status)
(unless (hatena:d:entry-p entry)
(error "This buffer is not a Hatena::Diary entry."))
(destructuring-bind (title content) (hatena-d-parse-content)
(setf (hatena:d:entry-title entry) title)
(setf (hatena:d:entry-source entry) content)
(setq status (hatena:d:api:save entry))
(message status)
(when (or (string-match-p "200 OK$" status)
(string-match-p "201 Created$" status))
(setq hatena-d-entry entry)
(setq last-coding-system-used 'utf-8)
(hatena:d:edit-mode 1)
(defun hatena:d:save-as-draft ()
"Save current entry as a draft.
If the current entry is already a draft, then it is saved as
usual. Otherwise, if the current entry is a blog entry, then the
contents of the entry is saved as a new draft entry."
(with-current-buffer (or (buffer-base-buffer) (current-buffer))
(let ((entry hatena-d-entry))
(if (eq (hatena:d:entry-type entry) 'draft)
(let* ((user (hatena:d:entry-user entry))
(entry (hatena:d:make-entry :type 'draft :user user)))
(hatena:d:save entry))))))
(defun hatena:d:revert (ignore1 ignore2)
(with-current-buffer (or (buffer-base-buffer) (current-buffer))
(let ((mod (buffer-modified-p)))
(set-buffer-modified-p nil)
(when (fboundp 'multi-mode-quit) (multi-mode-quit))
(set-buffer-modified-p mod))
(hatena:d:new-noselect hatena-d-entry (current-buffer))))
(defun hatena:d:restore-edit-mode (&rest ignore)
"Re-enable `hatena:d:edit-mode'."
(with-current-buffer (or (buffer-base-buffer) (current-buffer))
(when (and hatena-d-file-name
(string= (expand-file-name (buffer-file-name))
(expand-file-name hatena-d-file-name))
(or (and (numberp hatena:d:edit-mode)
(<= hatena:d:edit-mode 0))
(null hatena:d:edit-mode)))
(hatena:d:edit-mode 1))))
(put 'hatena:d:restore-edit-mode 'permanent-local-hook t)
;; internal functions
(defun hatena-d-list-ask-user ()
(read-string "User: " (hatena:d:user)))
(defun hatena-d-list-set-user (user)
(when user (set (make-local-variable 'hatena:d:username) user)))
(defun hatena-d-list-title (entry)
(let ((title (hatena:d:entry-title entry)))
(replace-regexp-in-string "^\\(\\[.*?\\]\\)*[ \t\r\n]*" "" title)
'mouse-face 'highlight
'local-map hatena:d:list-item-map)))
(defun hatena-d-list-created (entry)
(hatena-d-format-time (hatena:d:entry-created entry)))
(defun hatena-d-list-category (entry)
(let ((title (hatena:d:entry-title entry))
(regexp "^\\[\\(.*?\\)\\]")
(while (string-match regexp title)
(push (match-string 1 title) categories)
(setq title (replace-regexp-in-string regexp "" title)))
(mapconcat #'identity (sort categories #'string<) ",")))
(defun hatena-d-list-append (entries &optional initialize)
(when initialize (setq tabulated-list-entries nil))
(setq tabulated-list-entries
(append tabulated-list-entries
#'(lambda (entry)
(let ((title (hatena-d-list-title entry))
(created (hatena-d-list-created entry))
(categories (hatena-d-list-category entry)))
(list entry (vector "" title created categories))))
(defun hatena-d-list-refresh (&optional type)
(setq tabulated-list-use-header-line nil
`(" " 1 t)
`("Title" ,hatena-d-title-width t)
`("Date" ,hatena-d-date-width t :right-align t)
`("Categories" ,hatena-d-category-width t)))
(let* ((type (or type hatena-d-type 'blog))
(user (hatena:d:user))
(entries (hatena:d:api:entries type user)))
(setq hatena-d-type type
hatena-d-current-page 1)
(hatena-d-list-append entries t))
(defun hatena-d-list-auto-pager ()
(when (and hatena:d:auto-pager (eobp))
(forward-line -1)
(defun hatena-d-list-put-mark (mark)
(let* ((point (point))
(entry (tabulated-list-get-id))
(cols (hatena-d-list-get-cols))
(pos (line-beginning-position))
(inhibit-read-only t))
(when entry
(aset cols 0 mark)
(delete-region pos (1+ pos))
(insert mark)
'tabulated-list-id entry 'tabulated-list-entry cols)
(goto-char point))))
(defun hatena-d-list-delete ()
(let ((entry (tabulated-list-get-id))
(inhibit-read-only t))
(setq tabulated-list-entries
(loop for e in tabulated-list-entries
unless (eq entry (car e))
collect e))
(when entry
(delete-region (line-beginning-position) (1+ (line-end-position))))))
(defun hatena-d-list-apply-face (face)
(let ((cols (hatena-d-list-get-cols))
(prop 'font-lock-face)
(inhibit-read-only t))
(loop for i below (length cols)
for col = (propertize (aref cols i) prop face)
do (aset cols i col))
(hatena-d-list-add-line-properties prop face)))
(defun hatena-d-list-add-line-properties (&rest props)
(add-text-properties (line-beginning-position) (line-end-position) props))
(defun hatena-d-set-file-name (file-name)
(setq hatena-d-file-name file-name)
(set-visited-file-name file-name))
(defun hatena-d-entry-unique-name (entry)
(let ((id (hatena:d:entry-id entry))
(type (hatena:d:entry-type entry)))
(if id
(car-safe (last (split-string id ":")))
(format "new-hatena-%s-entry" type))))
(defun hatena-d-parse-content ()
(let (pos title)
(goto-char (point-min))
(if (not (re-search-forward "^\\*" nil t))
(setq title (read-string "Title: "))
(setq pos (point))
(re-search-forward "$" nil t)
(setq title (buffer-substring-no-properties pos (point))))
(skip-chars-forward " \t\r\n")
(list title (buffer-substring-no-properties (point) (point-max))))))
(defun hatena-d-set-revert-function ()
(set (make-local-variable 'revert-buffer-function) 'hatena:d:revert))
(provide 'hatena-diary)
;;; hatena-diary.el ends here
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