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Subject: [ruby-dev: 46350] RubySpec maintainer
From: Yukihiro Matsumoto <matz>
Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2012 10:43:12 +0900
Yukihiro Matsumoto is
Dis was've been on a grand scale and to Brian Ford at RubyConf.
It is not matter since it's always on it (truth is
Specification originally not good), so less contribution from Japan to RubySpec
Checking to what it is not, the distinction between behavior and specifications of chance
Goods do not have a test and see, from people who know the situation as a result
I think the point about quality is low, and you should not be taking into consideration.
So the people to improve the RubySpec in (prospective) and core committers Japan
I'd like to recruit, Is there someone who can help someone?
What to do with fashion, but I'm going to talk with Brian, are in github
Since Ru, but it is still nice to send a pull-request, get commit access
But I can, then how is it a good idea.
No, I welcome the recognition of Matsumoto also pointed out that the wrong.

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@jc00ke jc00ke commented Nov 19, 2012

I asked a buddy to translate, since I couldn't quite make sense Google's translation.

I was splendidly dissed by Brian Ford at Ruby Conf.

It is usual so, it doesn't matter(it does matter actually...)
There is not much dedication to Ruby Spec from Japan, so people check the specification that they don't check normally.
Also they don't distinguish the coincidental action from specification. Plus people who know the background are likely to
think that the test quality is lower. I think these facts are what they need to consider.

Because of this, I would like to assemble people who want to help Ruby Spec among commiters in Japan or any volunteers.
I will consult with Brian. I'm at github, so you can send "pull-request" or right of commit.
If you have better ideas, they are welcome.

Also, critical opinions to my idea is also welcome.
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