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View array_(blacklist|whitelist)(_assoc).php
* Returns an array containing all the entries from array1 whose keys are not present in any of the other arrays when using their values as keys.
* @param array $array1 The array to compare from
* @param array $array2 The array to compare against
* @return array $array2,... More arrays to compare against
View helper_prototype_methods.js
Node.prototype.addBefore = function(newElement) {
Node.prototype.addAfter = function (newElement) {
this.parentNode.insertBefore(newElement, this.nextSibling);
Node.prototype.setProperties = function(props){
var i,p,c,k,j;
for(i in props) {
p = props[i];
View helpers.php
class helper {
//is_array & is associative array
public function is_array_asso($a) {
return $this->is_asso($a, 1);
// is associative array
public function is_asso($a, $strict = FALSE) {