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Compilation of C program and flashing the ATmega328p microcontroller using free Linux tools
# Step 1. Create a .bin file
# Arguments at the end: destination_bin_file.bin c_program.c
avr-gcc -Wall -g -Os -mmcu=atmega328p -o main.bin main.c
# Step 1.1 (optional) look up the .bin file
avr-size -C main.bin
# Step 2. Conversion of .bin file to .hex file
avr-objcopy -j .text -j .data -O ihex main.bin main.hex
# Using GPIO (e.g. Raspberry Pi)
# Configuration and wiring for Raspberry Pi:
sudo avrdude -p atmega328p -c linuxgpio -U flash:w:main.hex:i -F
# Using ISP programmer (e.g. Pololu USB AVR Programmer)
# Please note that the name of device /dev/ttyACM0 might differ.
# My suggestion is to check contents of /dev directory before and after plugging of programmer.
sudo avrdude -c avrisp2 -p atmega328p -P /dev/ttyACM0 -U flash:w:main.hex:i -F
# More commands
# To verify the configuration:
sudo avrdude -c avrisp2 -p atmega328p -P /dev/ttyACM0 -v
# Reading contents of the chip:
sudo avrdude -c avrisp2 -p atmega328p -P /dev/ttyACM0 -U flash:r:output_file.bin:r
2232HIO = FT2232H based generic programmer [/etc/avrdude.conf:412]
4232h = FT4232H based generic programmer [/etc/avrdude.conf:440]
89isp = Atmel at89isp cable [/etc/avrdude.conf:1369]
abcmini = ABCmini Board, aka Dick Smith HOTCHIP [/etc/avrdude.conf:1268]
alf = Nightshade ALF-PgmAVR, [/etc/avrdude.conf:1228]
arduino = Arduino [/etc/avrdude.conf:360]
arduino-ft232r = Arduino: FT232R connected to ISP [/etc/avrdude.conf:764]
atisp = AT-ISP V1.1 programming cable for AVR-SDK1 from <> [/etc/avrdude.conf:1324]
atmelice = Atmel-ICE (ARM/AVR) in JTAG mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1114]
atmelice_dw = Atmel-ICE (ARM/AVR) in debugWIRE mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1130]
atmelice_isp = Atmel-ICE (ARM/AVR) in ISP mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1138]
atmelice_pdi = Atmel-ICE (ARM/AVR) in PDI mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1122]
avr109 = Atmel AppNote AVR109 Boot Loader [/etc/avrdude.conf:885]
avr910 = Atmel Low Cost Serial Programmer [/etc/avrdude.conf:721]
avr911 = Atmel AppNote AVR911 AVROSP [/etc/avrdude.conf:892]
avrftdi = FT2232D based generic programmer [/etc/avrdude.conf:386]
avrisp = Atmel AVR ISP [/etc/avrdude.conf:608]
avrisp2 = Atmel AVR ISP mkII [/etc/avrdude.conf:628]
avrispmkII = Atmel AVR ISP mkII [/etc/avrdude.conf:622]
avrispv2 = Atmel AVR ISP V2 [/etc/avrdude.conf:615]
bascom = Bascom SAMPLE programming cable [/etc/avrdude.conf:1222]
blaster = Altera ByteBlaster [/etc/avrdude.conf:1346]
bsd = Brian Dean's Programmer, [/etc/avrdude.conf:1177]
buspirate = The Bus Pirate [/etc/avrdude.conf:633]
buspirate_bb = The Bus Pirate (bitbang interface, supports TPI) [/etc/avrdude.conf:640]
butterfly = Atmel Butterfly Development Board [/etc/avrdude.conf:878]
butterfly_mk = Butterfly [/etc/avrdude.conf:906]
bwmega = BitWizard ftdi_atmega builtin programmer [/etc/avrdude.conf:751]
C232HM = FT232H based module from FTDI and [/etc/avrdude.conf:509]
c2n232i = serial port banging, reset=dtr sck=!rts mosi=!txd miso=!cts [/etc/avrdude.conf:1474]
dapa = Direct AVR Parallel Access cable [/etc/avrdude.conf:1312]
dasa = serial port banging, reset=rts sck=dtr mosi=txd miso=cts [/etc/avrdude.conf:1446]
dasa3 = serial port banging, reset=!dtr sck=rts mosi=txd miso=cts [/etc/avrdude.conf:1460]
diecimila = alias for arduino-ft232r [/etc/avrdude.conf:775]
dragon_dw = Atmel AVR Dragon in debugWire mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1041]
dragon_hvsp = Atmel AVR Dragon in HVSP mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1032]
dragon_isp = Atmel AVR Dragon in ISP mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1014]
dragon_jtag = Atmel AVR Dragon in JTAG mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1005]
dragon_pdi = Atmel AVR Dragon in PDI mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1050]
dragon_pp = Atmel AVR Dragon in PP mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1023]
dt006 = Dontronics DT006 [/etc/avrdude.conf:1212]
ere-isp-avr = ERE ISP-AVR <> [/etc/avrdude.conf:1335]
flip1 = FLIP USB DFU protocol version 1 (doc7618) [/etc/avrdude.conf:1161]
flip2 = FLIP USB DFU protocol version 2 (AVR4023) [/etc/avrdude.conf:1168]
frank-stk200 = Frank STK200 [/etc/avrdude.conf:1359]
ft232r = FT232R Synchronous BitBang [/etc/avrdude.conf:739]
ft245r = FT245R Synchronous BitBang [/etc/avrdude.conf:728]
futurlec = programming cable. [/etc/avrdude.conf:1279]
jtag1 = Atmel JTAG ICE (mkI) [/etc/avrdude.conf:919]
jtag1slow = Atmel JTAG ICE (mkI) [/etc/avrdude.conf:924]
jtag2 = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII [/etc/avrdude.conf:954]
jtag2avr32 = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII im AVR32 mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:987]
jtag2dw = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII in debugWire mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:969]
jtag2fast = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII [/etc/avrdude.conf:948]
jtag2isp = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII in ISP mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:960]
jtag2pdi = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII PDI mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:996]
jtag2slow = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII [/etc/avrdude.conf:943]
jtag3 = Atmel AVR JTAGICE3 in JTAG mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1058]
jtag3dw = Atmel AVR JTAGICE3 in debugWIRE mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1074]
jtag3isp = Atmel AVR JTAGICE3 in ISP mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1082]
jtag3pdi = Atmel AVR JTAGICE3 in PDI mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1066]
jtagkey = Amontec JTAGKey, JTAGKey-Tiny and JTAGKey2 [/etc/avrdude.conf:447]
jtagmkI = Atmel JTAG ICE (mkI) [/etc/avrdude.conf:911]
jtagmkII = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII [/etc/avrdude.conf:935]
jtagmkII_avr32 = Atmel JTAG ICE mkII im AVR32 mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:978]
lm3s811 = Luminary Micro LM3S811 Eval Board (Rev. A) [/etc/avrdude.conf:570]
mib510 = Crossbow MIB510 programming board [/etc/avrdude.conf:672]
mkbutterfly = Butterfly [/etc/avrdude.conf:900]
nibobee = NIBObee [/etc/avrdude.conf:847]
o-link = O-Link, OpenJTAG from [/etc/avrdude.conf:541]
openmoko = Openmoko debug board (v3) [/etc/avrdude.conf:552]
pavr = Jason Kyle's pAVR Serial Programmer [/etc/avrdude.conf:1147]
pickit2 = MicroChip's PICkit2 Programmer [/etc/avrdude.conf:1154]
picoweb = Picoweb Programming Cable, [/etc/avrdude.conf:1257]
pony-stk200 = Pony Prog STK200 [/etc/avrdude.conf:1205]
ponyser = design ponyprog serial, reset=!txd sck=rts mosi=dtr miso=cts [/etc/avrdude.conf:1424]
siprog = Lancos SI-Prog <> [/etc/avrdude.conf:1437]
sp12 = Steve Bolt's Programmer [/etc/avrdude.conf:1245]
stk200 = STK200 [/etc/avrdude.conf:1189]
stk500 = Atmel STK500 [/etc/avrdude.conf:658]
stk500hvsp = Atmel STK500 V2 in high-voltage serial programming mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:693]
stk500pp = Atmel STK500 V2 in parallel programming mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:686]
stk500v1 = Atmel STK500 Version 1.x firmware [/etc/avrdude.conf:665]
stk500v2 = Atmel STK500 Version 2.x firmware [/etc/avrdude.conf:679]
stk600 = Atmel STK600 [/etc/avrdude.conf:700]
stk600hvsp = Atmel STK600 in high-voltage serial programming mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:714]
stk600pp = Atmel STK600 in parallel programming mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:707]
ttl232r = FTDI TTL232R-5V with ICSP adapter [/etc/avrdude.conf:811]
tumpa = TIAO USB Multi-Protocol Adapter [/etc/avrdude.conf:591]
UM232H = FT232H based module from FTDI and [/etc/avrdude.conf:482]
uncompatino = uncompatino with all pairs of pins shorted [/etc/avrdude.conf:787]
usbasp = USBasp, [/etc/avrdude.conf:822]
usbasp-clone = Any usbasp clone with correct VID/PID [/etc/avrdude.conf:858]
usbtiny = USBtiny simple USB programmer,
/ [/etc/avrdude.conf:869]
wiring = Wiring [/etc/avrdude.conf:353]
xil = Xilinx JTAG cable [/etc/avrdude.conf:1298]
xplainedmini = Atmel AVR XplainedMini in ISP mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1098]
xplainedmini_dw = Atmel AVR XplainedMini in debugWIRE mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1106]
xplainedpro = Atmel AVR XplainedPro in JTAG mode [/etc/avrdude.conf:1090]
* Source:
#ifndef F_CPU
#define F_CPU 16000000UL // 16 MHz clock speed
#include <avr/io.h>
#include <util/delay.h>
int main(void)
DDRB = 0xFF; //Nakes PORTC as Output
while(1) //infinite loop
PORTB = 0xFF; //Turns ON All LEDs
_delay_ms(1000); //1 second delay
PORTB= 0x00; //Turns OFF All LEDs
_delay_ms(1000); //1 second delay
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