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Bayesian Network Models in PyMC3 and NetworkX
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Fangwq commented Mar 7, 2019

I get the same error with pymc3 3.6 and python3.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 147, in
[gpm(BN,'D4', num=1),BN.adj['C3']['D4']['bin']], observed=BN.node['D4']['observe'])
File "/Users/fangwq/Library/Python/3.6/lib/python/site-packages/theano/tensor/", line 544, in getitem
File "/Users/fangwq/Library/Python/3.6/lib/python/site-packages/theano/tensor/", line 354, in convert
raise TypeError("Expected an integer")
TypeError: Expected an integer

Any help, please? Thanks!

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NelisW commented Jul 1, 2019

Thanks to all above!
I have about four hours experience in pymc3, so the above comments are much appreciated.

Using networkx 2.3 and pyMC3 3.7, cpu on Windows.
Fixed the dict_keyiterator problem.

    32     BN.edge['C3']['D4']['bin'] = T.switch(,'D4'),9), 0, 
---> 33                                           T.switch(,'D4'), 9) &,'D4'),11), 1, 2))

AttributeError: 'DiGraph' object has no attribute 'edge'

When print(BN.__dict__) I see no edge attribute.
The edges seem to be embedded in _adj, _pred and _succ.

BN = nx.DiGraph()
BN.add_node('D1', dtype='Discrete', prob=d1_prob, pos=(2, 4))
BN.add_node('D2', dtype='Discrete', prob=d2_prob, pos=(4, 4))
BN.add_node('C1', dtype='Continuous', mu=c1_mu, sd=c1_sd, pos=(1,3))
BN.add_edge('D1', 'C1')
'graph_attr_dict_factory': <class 'dict'>, 'node_dict_factory': <class 'dict'>, 
'node_attr_dict_factory': <class 'dict'>, 'adjlist_outer_dict_factory': <class 'dict'>, 
'adjlist_inner_dict_factory': <class 'dict'>, 'edge_attr_dict_factory': <class 'dict'>, 
'graph': {}, 
'_node': {
  'D1': {'dtype': 'Discrete', 'prob': array([0.3, 0.7]), 'pos': (2, 4)}, 
  'D2': {'dtype': 'Discrete', 'prob': array([0.6, 0.3, 0.1]), 'pos': (4, 4)}, 
  'C1': {'dtype': 'Continuous', 'mu': array([10, 14]), 'sd': array([2, 2]), 'pos': (1, 3)}
'_adj': {'D1': {'C1': {}}, 'D2': {}, 'C1': {}},
'_pred': {'D1': {}, 'D2': {}, 'C1': {'D1': {}}}, 
'_succ': {'D1': {'C1': {}}, 'D2': {}, 'C1': {}}

D1 is a predecessor for C1.
C1 is a successor for D1.
But C1 is also adjacent to D1?

My bigger issue is what to do with the error on line 32/33 above.

I have no idea how to handle this. Any help will be appreciated!

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tbsexton commented Jul 1, 2019

Wow, I had no idea there were comments here! Thanks to all for checking out the example. For those of you with issues/ideas (especially networkx v2 problems), check out the repository that automates a lot of the underlying mechanical/boilerplate code in this example. This notebook was really just a proof-of-concept for that repository.

I haven't gone back to the code for a while, but if there's interest I would be happy to update things to newer pymc3 features. Please see if your above issues persist in the more mature repository. Thanks!

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NelisW commented Jul 1, 2019

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tbsexton commented Jul 1, 2019

@NelisW certainly, and like I said, feel free to open an issue if something works unexpectedly on that repo (as I said, it's been a while).

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eHonnef commented Nov 22, 2019

If you are having issues with BN.edges['C3']['D4']['bin'], substitute for BN.edges['C3','D4']['bin'].

As described in the migration guide mentioned before

G.edge have been removed in favor of using G.nodes[n] and G.edges[u, v]

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rezaaskary commented Oct 1, 2020

Do you have any example for dynamic BN simulated on PYMC3?

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