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Last active Apr 12, 2017
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Professional Guides Videos

GitHub Professional Guides

This is a series of videos produced by Hubbers. They cover several important practices in modern software development and the features on GitHub that enable professional developers. With one exception (pre-receive hooks), features are available to all users on both and GitHub Enterprise


Video Title Description
Organizing for Successful Collaboration Defining Organizations and Teams on GitHub
Continuous Integration & Continous Delivery Define these terms, why they're used, and the tools on GitHub to support them
Finding Things The tools that exist on GitHub that help you find what you're looking for
Getting Insight into Work A quick walkthrough of the various analysis tools on GitHub to help manage branches, commits and works in progress
Quality Control All about Pre-receive Hooks, Protected Branches and Required Status
Managing Projects Overview of Issues, PRs, Labels, Milestones, and Projects and how they relate to one another
Workflow Strategies Comparing two of the most popular branching strategies - GitHub Flow & Git Flow
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