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EmberJS and the future

Answer to @patcito tweets about @angualrjs vs @emberjs

What you call "Model Driven View" is actualy kind of a shell for three spec. This is from the link you sent me a while ago about "Model Driven View" status (mdv) :

The first piece (a) was DOM Mutation Observers (which replace the long-deprecated Mutation Events). This has already being specified in DOM4 and is currently shipping in both Chrome and Firefox.

DOM Mutation Observers

The second piece (b) is Object.observe (which allows for observation of raw data). This was recently accepted into ECMAScript and implementations are still pending.


The third piece (c) is the HTML template element (which allows for the declaration of inert document fragment "prototypes"). The specification for this is currently being drafted.

HTML template

Conceptually EmberJS is ready to use Object.observe as soon as it is implemented. It will juste back our current observer implementation. "DOM Mutation Observers" could be in theory used in Ember for two way bindings. "HTML template" is the less advanced spec of the three and the one I have the more doubts about. I think it is premature to take it for granted and clame it is the "future". For example "HTML template" are hard to precompile or prerender on the server.

As for "WebComponent", Ember.View is already a kind of "WebComponent" (A container with associated template and behavior).

So please before making claims about frameworks try to understand how they work. Web standards are not only meant to be used directly by developers, they are also (and in my opinion more importantly) building blocks for frameworks.

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