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Created Jul 9, 2018
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processor 6502
include "vcs.h"
include "macro.h"
org $f000
; Sprites are a tricky beast on the 2600.
; You only have two of them.
; They are 8 bits wide and 1 bit high.
; There's no way to position the X or Y coordinate directly.
; To position X, you have to wait until the TIA clock hits a
; given X position and then write to a register to lock it in.
; To position Y, you simply wait until the desired scanline and
; set the bits of your sprite to a non-zero value.
; Having fun yet? :)
Counter equ $81
; This macro efficiently gives us 3 lines of VSYNC
; 37 lines of VBLANK
ldx #37
LVBlank sta WSYNC
bne LVBlank
; For the last VBLANK line, we'll lock in our sprites' X position.
; The first one will be 20 TIA clocks from the left, plus whatever the
; DEX and BNE instructions in the previous loop took.
; There are 68 TIA clocks *before* the scanline starts, and there are
; 3 TIA clocks per CPU cycle, so counting clocks (or trial-and-error)
; is neccessary to get exact positioning.
SLEEP 20 ; this macro hard-codes a 20 cycle delay (60 TIA clocks)
sta RESP0 ; set position of sprite #1
SLEEP 35 ; wait 35 more cycles (105 TIA clocks)
sta RESP1 ; set position of sprite #2
; Draw the 192 scanlines
; We'll draw both sprites all the way down the screen
ldx #192
lda #0 ; changes every scanline
ldy Counter ; changes every frame
sta WSYNC ; wait for next scanline
sta COLUBK ; set the background color
ldy #0
sty GRP0 ; set sprite 0 pixels
sty GRP1 ; set sprite 1 pixels inc GRP0
inc GRP0
inc GRP0
inc GRP0
inc GRP0
inc GRP0
inc GRP1
inc GRP1
inc GRP1
inc GRP1
inc GRP1
inc GRP1
adc #1 ; increment A to cycle through colors and bitmaps
bne ScanLoop
; Clear the background color and sprites before overscan
; (We don't need to use VBLANK neccessarily...)
stx GRP0
stx GRP1
; 30 lines of overscan
ldx #30
LVOver sta WSYNC
bne LVOver
; Cycle the sprite colors for the next frame
inc Counter
lda Counter
jmp NextFrame
org $fffc
.word Start
.word Start
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