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decode aion binary keystore file using aion-rlp module
use aion-rlp to decode an aion keystore v3 binary encoded file
the output is shown by index
the next step is decrypt aes-128-ctr
const fs = require('fs');
const path = require('path');
const rlp = require('aion-rlp');
const keystorePath = "/path/to/my/keystore"
fs.readFile(keystorePath, function(err, buf) {
if (err !== undefined && err !== null) {
console.error("error reading file", keystorePath, err);
rlp.decode(buf).forEach(function(buf, index) {
console.log("rlp index", index, buf.toString());

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commented Oct 23, 2018

Index 3 must then be decoded as well to goto the next step

In my keystore it has aes-128-ctr and scrypt plain text possibly giving the clues for the next step of decryption.

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