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Taha Doğan Güneş tdgunes

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class Untitled {
public static void main(String[] args) {
String absolutePath = "/Hello/AnotherFolder/The File Name.PDF";
File file = new File(absolutePath);
String fname = file.getName();
int pos = fname.lastIndexOf(".");
tdgunes /
Created Apr 22, 2014
Bruteforcing over paramiko
import string
import paramiko
from itertools import combinations
import sys
server_ip = "" #put ip of the user here
ssh = paramiko.SSHClient()
charset = string.printable[:36]
tdgunes /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
My Terminal Utils
# Using this method:
import os
import save_as_alias
user = raw_input("User(root etc.): ")
host = raw_input("Host(x.x.x.x): ")
path = os.getcwd()
View TFTDisplayText.ino
// Taha Dogan Gunes
// Edited the example 'TFTDisplayText'
// So you can use the same diagram to connect the wires to screen
#include <TFT.h>
#include <SPI.h>
tdgunes /
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Python Terminal A Progress bar
class MongoProgressBarElement(FilterPipeElement):
def __init__(self, db_name, collection_name, sample): = pymongo.MongoClient()[db_name][collection_name].find().count()
self.count = 0
self.sample_count = 0
self.start = 0
self.operation_time = 0
self.total_operation = 0
tdgunes /
Created Jul 7, 2014
Pyplyn multiple pipes
import pyplyn as p
first_pipe = p.Pipe(name="first")
first_pipe.add(p.LambdaFilter(lambda x: "hello" in x))
first_pipe.add(p.LambdaExtension(lambda x: x.title()))
second_pipe = p.Pipe(name="second")
second_pipe.add(p.LambdaFilter(lambda x: "world" in x))
tdgunes /
Created Jul 10, 2014
Test data generator
# !/usr/bin/python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
Author: Taha Dogan Gunes
import json
tdgunes / city_town.json
Created Jul 11, 2014
Dataset for finding the closest city to a point for Mongo, taken with QGIS from Natural Earth Map dataset
View city_town.json
{"lat": -34.47999900541754, "type": "city/town", "lon": -57.84000247340134, "name": "Colonia del Sacramento", "country": "Uruguay"}
{"lat": -33.5439989373607, "type": "city/town", "lon": -56.90099656015872, "name": "Trinidad", "country": "Uruguay"}
{"lat": -33.1389990288435, "type": "city/town", "lon": -58.3039974719095, "name": "Fray Bentos", "country": "Uruguay"}
{"lat": -34.538004006675465, "type": "city/town", "lon": -56.28400149324307, "name": "Canelones", "country": "Uruguay"}
{"lat": -34.09900200521719, "type": "city/town", "lon": -56.21499844799416, "name": "Florida", "country": "Uruguay"}
{"lat": 9.26100006831723, "type": "city/town", "lon": 0.7890035737781318, "name": "Bassar", "country": "Togo"}
{"lat": 8.557002133057097, "type": "city/town", "lon": 0.9849964623313099, "name": "Sotouboua", "country": "Togo"}
{"lat": 33.399999002467325, "type": "city/town", "lon": 10.4166995575967, "name": "Medenine", "country": "Tunisia"}
{"lat": 33.689997034920566, "type": "city/town", "lon": 8.9710025379012, "nam
View KeychainService.swift
import UIKit
import Security
let serviceIdentifier = ""
let accessGroup = ""
let kSecClassValue = kSecClass as NSString
let kSecAttrAccountValue = kSecAttrAccount as NSString
let kSecValueDataValue = kSecValueData as NSString
let kSecClassGenericPasswordValue = kSecClassGenericPassword as NSString
tdgunes / gist:87fce4f335cee4c934b7
Created Oct 25, 2014
IE381 - Calculating GINI and Entropy
View gist:87fce4f335cee4c934b7
import math
def cal_entropy(lst):
t = sum(lst)
result = 0
for i in lst:
division = float(i)/float(t)
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