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tecnocat / Install Node, NVM and NPM with Ansible
Last active October 25, 2017 12:02
Install Node, NVM and NPM with Ansible
View Install Node, NVM and NPM with Ansible
- name: Ensure Node is installed
become: no
shell: "{{ item }}"
- curl -o- | bash
- bash -c "source ~/.nvm/ && nvm install v8.5.0"
- bash -c "source ~/.nvm/ && npm i -g npm"
tecnocat / KnightRider-more-realistic.ino
Created March 22, 2016 18:46
Arduino KnightRider effect more realistic and accurate with 8 Leds and 1 Pot
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* I recently buy my first Arduino board, and looking for something to build I found
* in the Arduino tutorials page a funny KnightRider effect with some leds, I really
* love more realistic and accuracy things so... I build this more accurate effect
* in the memory of our lovely Michael Knight and KIT!
// PWM Pins
const int L1 = 2;
const int L2 = 3;
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namespace Sami\Test;
* Class TestCommentsInBlock
* @package Sami\Test
class TestCommentsInBlock