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WinSCP Folder synchronizer
@echo off
echo --- %date% - %time%: WinSCP Sync startup
echo option batch continue > "C:\var\scpsync-photo.tmp"
echo option confirm off >> "C:\var\scpsync-photo.tmp"
echo open michael@ds01 >> "C:\var\scpsync-photo.tmp"
echo synchronize local "C:\Users\Michael\Pictures" "/home/photo" -delete >> "C:\var\scpsync-photo.tmp"
echo keepuptodate "C:\Users\Michael\Pictures" "/home/photo" -delete >> "C:\var\scpsync-photo.tmp"
"C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\" /script="C:\var\scpsync-photo.tmp"
echo --- %date% - %time%: WinSCP shutdown
del "C:\var\scpsync-photo.tmp"
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