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Google Summer of Code - 2017

Project Abstract

I proposed to

  1. Add a package for image segmentation as part of JuliaImages with several algorithms -
  • Thresholding - Otsu’s method and Adaptive thresholding
  • K-means clustering
  • Mean shift segmentation
  • Watershed segmentation
  • Felzenszwalb's efficient region merging algorithm
  • Shi and Malik’s normalized graph-cut based segmentation
  1. Add Histogram of Oriented Gradient(HOG) feature to ImageFeatures.

I also planned to add tests, examples codes and documentation for all the algorithms as well as a tutorial for object detection using HOG features.

Mentor: Tim Holy

Organization: The Julia Language

Category: Package

Work Done

All the work except normalized graph cut algorithm has been merged.
List of commits: ImageSegmentation.jl, Images.jl, ImageFeatures.jl,
I have also added tests and example code for all the algorithms. I and Animesh Kashyap (annimesh2809) wrote the documentation collaboratively. Documentation can be found here:
Object Detection Tutorial:

For normalized graph cut, I had completed the code and submitted a pull request at ImageSegmentation.jl. Since this algorithm is more generally applicable, we decided to add to this a general graphs package e.g, LightGraphs.jl. I have submitted a pull request at LightGraphs.jl and am modifying the code for it to work with general graphs.
Pull Request at ImageSegmentation.jl
Pull Request at LightGraphs.jl

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