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18:27:02 <@drbrain> I guess install and uninstall -f should remove the gem from
wherever it is
18:28:50 < telemachus> Yeah - it would make this one edge case easier
certainly. I'm trying to think if it could have
unintended bad consequences...
18:29:20 < telemachus> Though -f options generally have that 'you asked for it'
18:29:51 <@drbrain> also it says "I know what I'm doing"
18:30:03 <@drbrain> I think it would be ok
18:30:07 < telemachus> gemsets can easily lead to duplication of gems - how
would -f react to multiple, identically versioned items?
18:30:43 <@drbrain> it would nuke them all
18:31:07 <@drbrain> I'm changing the message that prints out now to show where
all the gems live
18:31:36 < telemachus> In the case where it fails initially you mean because of
a mismatch?
18:32:14 < telemachus> That would definitely help.
18:32:30 <@drbrain> the default is "only work on GEM_HOME" so if a gem is
installed elsewhere in GEM_PATH then it'll print the
command to run to uninstall it
18:32:41 <@drbrain> gem uninstall foo -i /path/to/alternate
18:33:07 <@drbrain> so you'll know what `gem uninstall -f foo` would remove
18:33:23 * telemachus nods
18:33:53 <@drbrain> … can you file a ticket on github about `gem uninstall -f`?
18:34:03 <@drbrain> I have 1.9.3 tickets to work on today so I won't be able to
get to it
18:34:17 < telemachus> Sure - asking for it to handle items outside of
GEM_HOME, yes?
18:34:53 <@drbrain> something like "gem uninstall -f should remove gems outside
18:35:01 <@drbrain> you can paste in relevant parts of our conversation
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