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[ANN] Rails 3.2.2.rc1, 3.1.4.rc1, and 3.0.12.rc1 have been released!

Hi everyone,

I just released the following Rails release candidates:

  • 3.2.2.rc1
  • 3.1.4.rc1
  • 3.0.12.rc1

Please give these releases a try and report any regressions from the past release to the ruby on rails core mailing list.

If there are no show stopping regressions reported, I'll release the final versions on Monday. This is your opportunity to prevent me from releasing a version that breaks your app! Please use this opportunity! :-D


You can find the changes for Rails 3.2.2 here:

For Rails 3.1.4 here:

Finally Rails 3.0.12 here:

Thanks! <3<3

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