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Sthlm Vim 040213

Programming language for editing text

Modes and rule of thumbs

  • Normal = moving and changing
  • Visual = selects text you want to modify
  • Insert = write stuff, no bloody movement
  • Ex(commandmode) = :w, :wq, :!echo "i love bananas"

Learning Curve

  1. vimtutor(~30 minutes)
  2. Getting by(first day)
  3. Pretty Efficient(first week)
  4. Here is the hard part(takes ages)
  5. Gurulevel(Unix beard time)

It helps to have a friend to ask questions!


  • hjkl instead of arrowkeys
  • use hjkl as textobjects
  • search = /
  • w = forward
  • b = back
  • a{p,w,ANYTIHNG}
  • t = 'til(exlusive), dtp(p for pig)
  • f = for(including), dfp(p for pig)
  • d = delete
  • y = yank

Modular Editing

Nouns and Verbs

daw = delete around words verb noun

cap = change around paragraph verb noun

cw = change word verb noun

d3w = delete 3 words verb noun


We all hate editing: 10j(3 keystrokes) vs. jjjjjjjjjj(10 keystrokes)

Make youself more efficient with your vimrc:

  • Embrace typos
  • Less keystrokes! i.e run tests from inside vim
  • Unbind things you hate

It's all about making yourself more efficient, it doesn't matter how you do it


Just ping me if you have any questions regarding anything vim-related!

@teoljungberg on twitter @metamorfos on github

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