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Interop follow-up survey (Prysmatic Labs)
September 3rd, 2019
Interop follow up questions
The following are some followup questions related to your initial answers to interop survey. Please add answers inline to the document.
(1.1) What’s the update on the status of v0.8.2? Do you have an updated an implementation but have not yet integrated the yaml consensus vectors?
We’ll be aligned with v0.8.2 before interop and be integrated with the yaml consensus vectors for v0.8.2.
(2.3) What’s the updated status on discv5 within Prysm? Do you support static peering?
We use the discv5 implementation in master in go-ethereum. Felix has a work-in-progress branch to implement the current specification of discv5. Some differences are that we are currently using the enode:// format instead of ENR address and topic advertisement is not implemented. Currently blocked until Felix’s change make it upstream in go-ethereum. We’ve been in contact and he’s prioritizing this work next week.
Yes, we support static peering via --peer flag. The peer flag accepts a multiaddress to dial. This flag may be present multiple times to specify multiple peers.
(3) What’s the status on initial sync for new nodes joining a network?
Sync from genesis is naively implemented at the moment. This implementation syncs from the first peer that will allow it. The follow up sync is a more sophisticated multi-peer sync with better “unhappy path” handling.
(14.1) Have you updated your BLS domain implementation to handle little-endian domain bytes?
(14.4) You answered “Yes” to having a benchmark for verifying 128 participant BLS signature. Can you share this value?
BenchmarkSignature_VerifyAggregate-8 25116574 ns/op
~25ms per verification of 128 participant BLS sig on a laptop.
(15) Have you added any chainstart methods? Specifically, can you perform a “kickstart” from (genesis_time, validator_count) or can you start from a prepared SSZ genesis state?
Working on it this week, we’ll have it before interop. We should be capable to perform “kickstart”. Our current implementation supports starting Prysm from a mock eth1 RPC server, but it will be quite easy to support kickstart.
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