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terhechte / slow_kvo_dictionary_example1.m
Created Dec 7, 2011
Example 1 of slow and fast NSDictionary access
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// slow_kvo_dictionary_example.m
// Created by Benedikt Terhechte on 07.12.11.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
int main (int argc, const char * argv[])
terhechte / slow_kvo_dictionary_example2.m
Created Dec 7, 2011
Example 1 of slow and fast NSDictionary access
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// Created by Benedikt Terhechte on 07.12.11.
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#define AKeyPathDictionary(dictionary, A) [dictionary objectForKey:@A]
#define BKeyPathDictionary(dictionary, A, B) [AKeyPathDictionary(dictionary, A) objectForKey:@B]
#define CKeyPathDictionary(dictionary, A, B, C) [BKeyPathDictionary(dictionary, A, B) objectForKey:@C]
#define DKeyPathDictionary(dictionary, A, B, C, D) [CKeyPathDictionary(dictionary, A, B, C) objectForKey:@D]
terhechte / gist:4541442
Created Jan 15, 2013
Example of how to use the category key/value approach from my blogpost here:
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#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@interface NSDictionary (objectForKeyList)
- (id)objectForKeyList:(id)key, ...;
@implementation NSDictionary (objectForKeyList)
- (id)objectForKeyList:(id)key, ...
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import os
# go through the whole folder, and add all directories, that contain sourcecode
# Which directories to scan
directories = ("MyFantasticProject", "External", "libs")
def find_all_source_directories(parentDir):
def directories_contains_source(files):
for f in files:
terhechte / postgresql-trigger.sql
Last active Jan 4, 2016
Postgresql url partition scheme action trigger function
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CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION url_insert_trigger()
IF (ascii(NEW.url) in (115)) THEN
ELSIF (ascii(NEW.url) in (97, 107)) THEN
ELSIF (ascii(NEW.url) in (98, 108)) THEN
terhechte / urlschemetables.sql
Created Jan 25, 2014
postgresql url partition scheme setup
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CREATE TABLE urls_s (CHECK (ascii(url) in (115))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_ak (CHECK (ascii(url) in (97, 107))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_bl (CHECK (ascii(url) in (98, 108))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_cj (CHECK (ascii(url) in (99, 106))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_de (CHECK (ascii(url) in (100, 101))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_fg (CHECK (ascii(url) in (102, 103))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_hiv (CHECK (ascii(url) in (104, 105, 118))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_mr (CHECK (ascii(url) in (109, 114))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_np (CHECK (ascii(url) in (110, 112))) INHERITS (urls);
CREATE TABLE urls_txzyo (CHECK (ascii(url) in (116, 120, 122, 121, 111))) INHERITS (urls);
terhechte / gist:9699534
Created Mar 22, 2014
Use PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC_SHA1 from widthin Lua to decrypt aes128 with several roundtrips
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functions = {}
aes = require("resty.aes")
local ffi = require "ffi"
int PKCS5_PBKDF2_HMAC_SHA1(const char *pass, int passlen,
const unsigned char *salt, int saltlen, int iter,
int keylen, unsigned char *out);
terhechte / gist:a8059c45f259b7a5ba01
Created Oct 12, 2014
Implement "cond" expression (from Lisp) in Swift
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// AppDelegate.swift
// testasdfsadf
// Created by Benedikt Terhechte on 10/12/14.
// Copyright (c) 2014 Benedikt Terhechte. All rights reserved.
import Cocoa
View csstest1 {
display: none !important;
visibility: hidden !important;
} div.iu-collection {
display: none !important;
visibility: hidden !important;
.pm-category-active {
background-color: #000 !important;
terhechte / pattern-examples.swift
Created Aug 22, 2015
Swift pattern examples for the swift, for, and guard keywords
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import Foundation
// 1. Wildcard Pattern
func wildcard(a: String?) -> Bool {
guard case _? = a else { return false }
for case _? in [a] {
return true