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Created February 6, 2024 19:20
Wasp in a box template sensor and automation blueprint

A wasp-in-a-box solution including a template sensor and an automation blueprint to automatically turn lights on/off.


  1. Copy the contents of wiab-sensor.yaml to your configuration.yaml to create a binary_sensor for occupancy
    • replace binary_sensor.my_door with your door sensor or sensor group (if the room has multiple doors)
    • replace binary_sensor.my_motion_sensor with your motion sensor
    • replace the value 70 with the cooldown period of your motion sensor, in seconds (i.e. the time it takes from when the motion stops to when the sensor switches to off). Use a stopwatch to get it
  2. Use the blueprint in wiab-automation.yaml to create an automation that turns the light on/off
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Last active July 3, 2024 14:25
ESPHome config - Onju Voice/Home as a voice assistant satellite in Home Assistant
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Last active February 16, 2024 23:30
# Custom sentences and intents for chaining and delaying intents

Here are a couple of custom sentences and custom intents that will handle the following scenarios in Home Assistant's Assist:

  • "turn on the bathroom light and then turn on the bathroom fan"
  • "turn off the living room heating in 10 minutes"


  • copy the contents of custom_sentences.yaml to <your config folder>/custom_sentences/en/chain_delay.yaml
  • append the contents of configuration.yaml to <your config folder>/configuration.yaml
  • restart HA (mandatory to reload the custom sentences)

After the restart, in any Assist session (voice or text) you can chain instructions using "and"/"and then"/"then" or instruct HA to do something after some time.

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Last active July 13, 2024 14:03
ESPHome config - Raspiaudio Muse Luxe as a voice assistant satellite in Home Assistant


The purpose of this ESPHome config is to be able to use the Raspiaudio Muse Luxe as a voice assistant satellite in Home Assistant.


  • wake word, push to talk and continuous conversation support
  • response playback
  • service exposed in HA to start and stop the voice assistant from another device/trigger
  • visual feedback of the recording/success/error status via the Luxe's onboard LED
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Last active March 1, 2024 21:58
Home Assistant HVAC adjustment based on doors/windows

Home Assistant HVAC adjustment based on doors/windows

This blueprint helps you save money with heating/cooling by resetting the temperature for a certain thermostat if there is an open window or door. It is still a work in progress, but it works pretty OK with heating.

Each instance works with a single thermostat/opening pair, but you can define a group of windows (binary_sensors) if that's the case. Whenever a window/door is left open for more than the time specified, the thermostat will run a script that should turn off/turn down the HVAC


  1. copy blueprint_hvac_windows.yaml file in your /config/blueprints/automation folder or simply click [Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.](
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Last active August 12, 2022 12:23
Immax NEO remote control 07087-2 ZHA custom quirk

ZHA custom quirk and automation blueprints for Immax NEO remote control 07087-2

ZHA custom quirk which exposes button actions in automations for the Zigbee remote control. There are 7 triggers that will be exposed when using the quirk:

  • short press ON
  • short press OFF
  • short press +
  • short press -
  • long press and hold +
  • long press and hold -
  • release + or - after holding them