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Simple Flask application for Cloud Foundry

Simple Python Flask app on Cloud Foundry

This is a (very) simple Flask application that shows how the built-in Python buildpack detection on Cloud Foundry works.

To push to Cloud Foundry, log in and then use

$ cf push myapp-name

Python on Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry:

  • Python is a first class language
  • Deploy with cf push myapp
  • Scale with cf scale myapp ...

You can try Cloud Foundry by signing up for a free trial at Pivotal Web Services.

"""Cloud Foundry test"""
from flask import Flask
import os
app = Flask(__name__)
port = int(os.getenv("PORT"))
def hello_world():
return 'Hello World! I am running on port ' + str(port)
if __name__ == '__main__':'', port=port)
web: python
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