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60,974,182,000 bytes allocated in the heap
263,226,596,160 bytes copied during GC
652,502,280 bytes maximum residency (815 sample(s))
3,177,208 bytes maximum slop
622 MB total memory in use (0 MB lost due to fragmentation)
Tot time (elapsed) Avg pause Max pause
Gen 0 57804 colls, 0 par 2.359s 2.372s 0.0000s 0.0006s
Gen 1 815 colls, 0 par 245.031s 246.321s 0.3022s 0.6341s
TASKS: 3 (1 bound, 2 peak workers (2 total), using -N1)
SPARKS: 0(0 converted, 0 overflowed, 0 dud, 0 GC'd, 0 fizzled)
INIT time 0.000s ( 0.002s elapsed)
MUT time 0.000s (-46.103s elapsed)
GC time 120.453s (121.320s elapsed)
RP time 0.000s ( 0.000s elapsed)
PROF time 126.938s (127.372s elapsed)
EXIT time 126.938s (127.372s elapsed)
Total time 328.734s (329.963s elapsed)
Alloc rate 0 bytes per MUT second
Productivity -13.9% of total user, -14.0% of total elapsed
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