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  • Test of Gihub Markdown formated Gist

I'm going to try and embed this in a media wiki!

  class { 'foo': }
  class { 'bar': }
  1. Pointer to readme
  2. aws credentials
  3. git clone arch-poc
  4. setup python env
  5. install pip (easy install pip / homebrew)
  6. install boto
  7. script for creating 3 tier app via cloudformation
  • clones hu-python in location
  • install dev env (hu with different args)
  1. Cloudwatch monitoring
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Last active Dec 20, 2015
POC Notes for Puppet

Put this in it's own deployment repo (branchs for differt types of server i.e. front end, app server etc)

Needs a patch for db_server param in the puppet-mediawiki module

4 basic files

  1. "yamilifier" script that pulls env vars into hierra
  2. single shell script with standard name (
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Last active Dec 20, 2015
Vagrant Minecraft overviewer Notes



  • I was running a AWS instence to host a Minecraft Map ( ) with friends and it was costing me a bunch of $$$
  • Rendering on a cluster was slow, since disk was a bit slow, and MC Overviewer would only use 1 single note (no parrallel feature)
  • rsyncing from the "map processing" nodes to the "web node" was slooooo
  • I ran out of disk space on the web node ... booo... and this equals small maps...




entrance portal for amazon Joe suggestion - walk you though the different levels of proctections and what templates fill those obligations

lets get the definition of what the levels are - ala SOB and the security portals (TH)

reference architectures on cloud portal

from AWS the model of of shared security

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Last active Dec 21, 2015
Cloud Eng Notes Aug27 2013

~ 6 month Project

  • "Where were going we don't need offices"

  • Everything should be open source and published publicly

A release is tagged every two weeks and we hold ourselves accountable to that Based on a two week scrum cycle

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Created Sep 18, 2013
HAAG Puppet Example for Common Infrastructure Scaffolding - The API section of Integrated_Operations wiki page
class iam_ldap_server (
  <parameters go here>
) {
  # 389_server is the module written by IAM
  class { '389_server':
    ensure  => 'present',
    require => Class['server'],
    <other parameters go here>
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Last active Dec 23, 2015
How To install and configure s3_website on a mac

How I made this Blog - A Drama in Many Parts.

[The Quick and Dirty](#The Quick and Dirty) [Install s3_website](#Install s3_website)

This post may get a little long and ramble a bit, so let me skip directly to the payoff - quick and easy content managment on crazy robust and reliable infrastructure. Here's the commands I need to add and post new content:

 ]$ vim _posts/ 
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Last active Dec 23, 2015
Searches from Splunk Talk

This week VS Lastweek!

`vpn` action=success earliest=-0d@d latest=now | eval ReportKey="Today" | append [search `vpn` action=success earliest=-1d@d latest=-0d@d | eval ReportKey="Last Week"   | eval new_time=_time+86400] | eval _time=if(isnotnull(new_time), new_time, _time)| timechart count by ReportKey

Sparkline for logins

 index=radius host=<VPNHOSTS> |stats sparkline count(action) as count  by action | sort -count 

The interesting part of this search is the lookup!

`autoreg_registrations` | lookup local=t mac2huid mac AS src_mac  | search NOT os=unknown | chart count by os

The autoreg_registrations macro expands to this:

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