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This is not a straight translation of the lirycs but the English version of the song.

More info about the musical, The Attic:ás

Light years

There are days when I feel
I could leave this whole tangled World behind
I look for an answer
But another question is all I find

What I wouldn't give to soar like a comet
far away as I could from it

But a voice
calls me clear
Holds me back
Holds me here

You needn't go too far before
You've lost the World forever more

Endless light years on
The silver rays of stars amaze
though they may have gone
their light survives illusory lives

Clear and crystalline
They glimmer whitely
Through the darkness
See them shimmer brightly

I'm just floating
On a sea of doubts

This is still my future
This is where my dreams were born

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