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Last active Oct 24, 2019
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How to enable dvorak layout for ibus-unikey. Put this file in /usr/share/ibus/component
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- filename: unikey.xml -->
<description>Unikey Component</description>
<exec>/usr/lib/ibus/ibus-engine-unikey --ibus</exec>
<author>Lê Quốc Tuấn &lt;;</author>
<description>Vietnamese Input Method Engine for IBus using Unikey Engine
- Choose input method, output charset, options in language bar.
- There are 4 input methods: Telex, Vni, STelex (simple telex) and STelex2 (which same as STelex, the difference is it use w as ư).
- And 7 output charsets: Unicode (UTF-8), TCVN3, VNI Win, VIQR, CString, NCR Decimal and NCR Hex.
- Use &lt;Shift&gt;+&lt;Space&gt; or &lt;Shift&gt;+&lt;Shift&gt; to restore keystrokes.
- Use &lt;Control&gt; to commit a word.</description>
<author>Lê Quốc Tuấn &lt;;</author>
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