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package errors
import "fmt"
type ErrCode uint64
const (
IOError ErrCode = 0x00
LogicError ErrCode = 0x01
func errorName(code ErrCode) string {
switch code {
case IOError:
return "IO_ERROR"
case LogicError:
return "LOGIC_ERROR"
return "UNKNOWN"
type CustomErr struct {
code ErrCode
inner error
message string
// Context
func (e *CustomErr) Error() string {
if e.inner != nil {
return fmt.Sprintf("{\"type\": \"%s\",\"message\": \"%s\", \"inner\": %+v}", errorName(e.code), e.message, e.inner)
return fmt.Sprintf("{\"type\": \"%s\", \"message\": \"%s\"}", errorName(e.code), e.message)
func (e *CustomErr) Is(code ErrCode) bool {
return e.code == code
// Constructors
func err(c ErrCode, i error, m string) error {
return &CustomErr{code: c, inner: i, message: m}
func LogicErr(message string) error {
return LogicErrWithInner(message, nil)
func LogicErrWithInner(message string, inner error) error {
return err(LogicError, inner, message)
func IOErr(message string) error {
return IOErrWithInner(message, nil)
func IOErrWithInner(message string, inner error) error {
return err(IOError, inner, message)
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