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osu! comfort changes

Modified Comfort skin changes

  • Background (osu!supporter only) is from SKINWITHOUTNAME. Slightly modified to remove the text.
  • Spinner replaced with small spinner included in the extras folder located in the original Comfort skin.
  • Multiplayer "skipped" image removed. Will revert to default skin's skipped image.
  • Health bar and kidanger replaced with Black 2014's images.
  • Skip button replaced with Black 2014's image.
  • Ready? image taken from osu!skinner's database of images. Ready? image*
  • Hitcircle numbers replaced with dots. Dots taken from Angelsim's skin.
  • Ranking images (A,B,C,D,S) taken from osu!skinner (Ranking Icons, Ranking Icons Big, by kukimonster)
  • Score and combo numbers (including comma and percent) taken from Black 2014.
  • Menu back images/animation taken from osu!skinner's database of images. Menu back animation
  • Section pass and fail images taken from OneShot. (Images contain slight spoilers.) section pass|section fail
  • Section pass and fail sounds taken from OneShot. where the sounds are located
  • Fail sound (music that plays when you fail a map) taken from - YUGEN -.
  • Hitcicle and Hitcircle Overlay has been removed and replaced with hitcircleoverlay-0.png.
  • Applause taken from OneShot's Puzzle Solved remix by GIRakaCHEEZER.
  • Hit sounds (drum, normal, soft) taken from Rohulk 4.0.
  • Multiplayer winner image taken from steampowered!.
  • Cursor replaced with Angelsim's skin image.
  • Snow taken from Angelsim's skin.
  • skin.ini modified.

I mostly likely forgot something here, so please PM me with the missing info with the contacts at the bottom.

Download outdated, wait some time for a new link.

* - character portrayed in Ready? image is Takene "Ene" Enomoto from Kagerou Project.

** - includes more specific information about modified content, i.e. source of sound, image, etc.

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Any other changes that have been made but I forgot to put on this list, PM me on reddit and or osu! and I will fix and change it.**

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