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611cd20 add map-1957
aa5404d resolve merge
1e4180d easing kinda
dc8ff5f years
2c53b79 oldmap on tha map
31782dc old map
8397d32 I think this will work
500e787 change the world
92e694b waypoint
395e5ca feedbak
4d28d12 i guess this makes clahe as good as photoshop?
b01179c shell css
c755741 add app shell
2e5d990 pull down to make flat
359a3d6 convert Landsat 8 to 8bit before gdal_merge'ing
a1a6f0e get em
2105857 full-schooner.rb
9f19dab ocd
4cd762c merge
ae075a1 nop
1687ee6 get TM stuff
c925a37 tweaks
aafab30 full schooner
0900205 clahe
6566926 move to average
8f8daa5 cool progress meter brodo
ba4ace0 better all around
23af361 tweaks
fdf4248 git alooong with little dohggies
4bb5ee3 put LANDSAT_MSS2 back in
ec00e43 futz
72c6edb come sail away\! with schoooooooooner
0e6b596 actually should process L8 now
7e6c070 schooner rooner
ada29e8 ok did it
2d59b74 gs
95cc978 ok
7ab797b first go at it
d1cf305 downloader combiner works
babf3c8 sail dat schooner
d4671e6 downloader basically workin
6b64987 more building out
f93cde3 scaffolding schooner-blend
e220870 find by year
0dc82bf mode change
ea3ca8d resolve merge
b89a68b fix up scene and satellite classes
dc04532 whatevs lol friends 4 lyfe
d7f45ef tweaks
71b2230 median blend experiment
fef72a7 fix sht
feaa588 load in land cover
05202f8 notes
5bd6229 land cover data 1973, 1992, 2011
efcfab2 .gitignore
538d0cd much better angle
ec3c3f8 way better angle
1464181 table map
58b23c1 height map sorta
3ec57d4 convert to float first
6fa76e8 ignores and make file
3d9661f cropped
e8fd53d remove intermediate file
e559114 boundaries and makefile
c669b82 tifs
446f49a git data setup
b22540a goin to space
be66ed7 gitignore
15fe58c initial
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