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C Implementatation of TI BASIC's RND function
/* Equivalent to PRINT RND in TI Basic */
char *rnd() {
uint8_t rnds[7]; int i; char *n;
/* Try up to 64 times to come up with a non-zero pseudo-random integer */
for (i=0;i<63;i++) if ((rnds[0] = gpl_rand(100)) != 0) break;
if (rnds[0] == 0) return strdup("0");
/* Generate the rest of the set */
for (i=1;i<7;i++) rnds[i] = gpl_rand(100);
/* PRINT rounds up if the 6th number generated is >= 0x32 (50) */
if (rnds[5] >= 0x32) rnds[4]++;
/* PRINT prepends a leading zero if the first byte is < 0x10 */
if (rnds[0] < 0x10) {
rnds[0] = 0;
/* Convert to string */
n = malloc(22);
return n;
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