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Enter the path to the language file you want to upload to PhraseApp.
For documentation, see
Source file path: [default ./locales/<locale_name>/translations.json] ./src/assets/locales/<locale_name>.translation.json
Enter the path to which to download language files from PhraseApp.
For documentation, see
Target file path: [default ./locales/<locale_name>/translations.json] ./src/assets/locales/<locale_name>.translation.json
We created the following configuration file for you: .phraseapp.yml
access_token: <TOKEN>
project_id: <PROJECT_ID>
- file: ./src/assets/locales/<locale_name>.translation.json
file_format: i18next
- file: ./src/assets/locales/<locale_name>.translation.json
file_format: i18next
For advanced configuration options, take a look at the documentation:
You can now use the push & pull commands in your workflow:
$ phraseapp push
$ phraseapp pull
Do you want to upload your locales now for the first time? (y/n) [default y] y
Uploading src/assets/locales/el.translation.json... done!
Check upload ID: 79199169613ae8ab80ec886801309d52, filename: el.translation.json for information about processing results.
Uploading src/assets/locales/en.translation.json... done!
Check upload ID: afdc9f81683ed209538f5461180779ff, filename: en.translation.json for information about processing results.
Project initialization completed!
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