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"general": {
"back": "Back",
"cancel": "Cancel",
"confirm": "Are you sure?",
"destroy": "Delete",
"edit": "Edit",
"new": "New",
"test": "Test"
"hello": "Hello world",
"layouts": {
"application": {
"about": "About",
"account": "Account",
"app_store": "App Store",
"imprint": "Imprint",
"logout": "Logout",
"my_mails": "My Mails",
"press": "Press",
"preview": "Preview",
"profile": "Profile",
"sign_in": "Login",
"sign_up": "Register"
"message": "Welcome to PhraseApp i18next",
"_languages": {
"el": "Greek",
"en": "English"
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