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## Types Basics
1. Does JS have types?
1. Dynamically typed
1. infer variable types at runtime
2. Once your code is run the compiler/interpreter will see your variable and its value then decide what type it is
2. Weakly typed
1. Allow types to be inferred as another type (coersion)
2. `1 + "2" // '12'` coerces the # into a string and results in string '12'
2. Primitive Data Types
1. Not an object and has no methods of its own
2. 6 Types
1. Boolean
2. Null
3. Undefined
4. Number
5. String
6. Symbol - unique value that's not equal to any other value
7. Objects - EVERYTHING ELSE in an object type
## Objects
1. These act as 'constructors' to create types
2. Two main ones
1. Object
2. Array
3. Many other Objects, to name a few:
1. Function, Boolean, Symbol, Number, String, Error, Math, Set
## Important Guidlines
1. All primitive values are immutable
2. Be aware of type coercion
3. There is no static typing `i.e int num = `
4. The JavaScript engine decides what type it is
## Confusing Parts
1. Wtf JS ->
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