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Sample to gather stats using SNMP (process list is valid only for Sun Solaris operating System)
require 'snmp'
require 'ipaddress'
include SNMP
# ARGV[0] is an IP address or a network in CIDR notation
raise "Missing IP address or network" if ARGV[0].nil?
@list = IPAddress.parse(ARGV[0])
@list.each do |ip|
puts "Asking #{ip.to_s} for info using 'public' SNMP community" => ip.to_s, :Community => 'public') do |manager|
response = manager.get([""),"")])
response.each_varbind do |vb|
puts "#{} #{vb.value.to_s} #{vb.value.asn1_type}"
# Sun Process Table -
processTable ="")
manager.walk(processTable) { |varbind| puts "#{varbind.value.to_s}" if"SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.")}
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