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WindiaMS Guide

Welcome to my Windia All-in-One guide. I will attempt to teach you everything about Windia in this guide and point you to other guides to help you out. If you wish to contribute to this guide, either DM me on Discord at wallace#0828 or DM me on the forum.

Table of Contents


For more guides that may help you out, check them here.


There a number of commands available in WindiaMS. To find a current list of all commands, type @help in game. The most important commands that will help you on your journey are:

  • @go
    • This command will warp you to another area instantly. Type @go by itself to find the list of available areas. This command has a 20 minute cooldown for all non-VIP users.
  • @wd <item_name>
    • This command will list all the monsters that drop the given item.
  • @wdf <monster_name>
    • This command will list all the drops from the given monster.
  • @sell
    • This command will sell ALL NON-UPGRADED ITEMS in your equipment tab. This is useful for easily obtaining meso early game and clearing out your equipment inventory. However, please be careful that you do not have any non-upgraded items in your equipment tab that you want to keep. It is recommended to flame or use an item tag on any items you want to keep or put them in the storage.


Here is a good guide for progression if you want to check it out as it goes way more in-depth than I will here: Early/Mid Game Progression Guide by Starbright. I will attempt to write a condensed version on how to start out here.

When you first start out, the main way that you will increase your damage is through increasing your legion. Do not worry about gear until you start getting into the 3,000-4,000 legion range, just worry about getting legion for now. The easiest way to do this for starters is getting a few characters to level 126 in order to prime them for leeching at Road to Oblivion 4 in the Temple of Time. People usually will do this for free and is just up to when they are available.

The recommended classes to start out with are Blaze Wizard and Dawn Warrior, then the rest of the warriors, as they have great mobbing early on. You may want to start getting some low-level, common speed gear to hand down to your characters to make leveling up easier.

When leveling up your characters, always add your Ability Points into your main stat as you will get enough secondary stat from your codex to fulfill requirements for gear on its own.

A recommended leveling guidsige is as follows:

  • 1-10 = Tutorial
  • 11-30 = 1st Job Training Center quests, NLC quiz, Kerning City Square Bubble Tea
  • 31- 34 = Mushroom Kingdom quests ONLY chatting portion (click on the lightbulb for teleport)
  • 34-40 = Finish Mushroom Kingdom or Kerning City Square CDs
  • 40-70 = Ghost Ship 2 (alternative for the super juiced, galloperia/vikings)
  • 71-126 = Neo City questline, remaining levels in skelegon
  • 126-255 = Leeching at Road to Oblivion 4 or killing mobs at Ulu or Temple of Time, or killing Galloperas, Vikerolas, Crimson Guardians, or Skelegons.

Another great way to progress early on is investing in another account in order to leech yourself whenever you want. You can create a bishop with relatively low legion to leech your characters through the early levels (1-120) to increase your legion on your main account by a lot quickly.


Leeching is a great way to level up your characters quickly. I'm going to preface this section by saying this: no one is required to give you leech, so if you ask someone for leech and they say no, just leave them be!

Leeching is not really recommended to do before level 65, as it will usually take longer for you to level by leeching at lower levels (unless you're a beginner).

Here is a good leeching guide. If you do not know how to get to any of these maps, just look it up on Google! is a good website :)

  • Level 65 - 75
    • Haunted House - Chimney Possessed by the Clown
      • @go jester or it's in New Leaf City's Haunted House
    • [Level 70] Twisted Jester - 90,322 HP
  • Level 75 - 80
    • MesoGears - Wolf Spider's Cavern
      • @go ws or it's in New Leaf City's Bigger Ben
    • [Level 80] Wolf Spider - 57,806 HP
  • Level 80 - 105
    • Singapore - Ulu City Entrance
      • @go ulu or it's in Singapore's Ulu City
    • [Level 85] Berserkie - 625,708 HP
  • Level 105 - 111/126
    • Singapore - Ulu City Center
      • @go ulu or it's in Singapore's Ulu City
    • [Level 110] Petrifighter - 1,966,513 HP
  • Level 111 - 126/200
    • Time Lane - Road of Regrets 4
      • You will need to teleport to someone here with a VIP rock and save the map if you do not have the Pink Bean questline completed
    • [Level 116] Chief Qualm Guardian - 26,968,851 HP
  • Level 126 - 200/255
    • Time Lane - Road of Regrets 4
      • You will need to teleport to someone here with a VIP rock and save the map if you do not have the Pink Bean questline completed
    • [Level 131] Chief Oblivion Guardian - 43,376,970 HP
    • Leeching to level 255 is not recommended here, but if you cannot train at Veracent nor can you find someone to leech you there for free/can't afford leech there, this is the next best place
  • Level 200 - 255
    • Veracent
      • @go vera
    • You will need 80 Star Force to kill the monsters here, and if you can, they are very strong and require end-game funding to be able to kill effectively

There are many other good maps like all the other Temple of Time maps, but these are the best ones, in my opinion.


Legion is the main way to increase your damage. For every 10 levels achieved on a unique class, you will gain 1% All Stats for every character on that account. Unique classes include all 2nd Job branches, Noblesse, Beginner, Legend, and Ironman. For non-beginners and non-ironman, you must be 2nd Job for the character to count as a legion character. Ironman provides twice the amount of legion as a normal class does, i.e. up to 510 Legion or 51% All Stats.

Unique Classes

There are currently 22 unique classes in WindiaMS. These classes are as follows:

  • Beginner
  • Fighter - Hero
  • Page - Paladin
  • Spearman - Dark Knight
  • Ice/Lightning Wizard - Ice/Lightning Arch Mage
  • Fire/Poison Wizard - Fire/Poison Arch Mage
  • Cleric - Bishop
  • Hunter - Bowmaster
  • Crossbowman - Marksman
  • Bandit - Shadower
  • Assassin - Night Lord
  • Brawler - Buccaneer
  • Gunslinger - Corsair
  • Noblesse
  • Dawn Warrior - Soul Master
  • Blaze Wizard - Flame Wizard
  • Wind Archer - Wind Breaker
  • Night Walker - Night Walker
  • Thunder Breaker - Striker
  • Legend
  • Aran
  • Ironman


The codex is a ring that provides various different stats on it. Whenever a stat is capped on it (32,767), you get another codex on your additional pendant slot. Here is the breakdown on how to gain stats on the codex.


  • STR/DEX/INT/LUK: Unique tier 7 cards + amount of tier 7 sets + unique tier 8 cards + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets + (total amount of tier 9 cards / 2.5).

  • Weapon Attack: Amount of tier 8 sets + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets

  • Magic Attack: (Amount of tier 8 sets + unique tier 9 cards + amount of tier 9 sets) * 1.5

  • Max HP: Total tier 1 cards + amount of tier 1 sets

  • Max MP: Total tier 1 cards + amount of tier 1 sets + unique tier 1 cards

  • Accuracy, Weapon DEF, Magic DEF: Total amount of collected cards across all tiers

  • Speed: Amount of tier 4 sets + amount of tier 5 sets + amount of tier 6 sets + (total amount of unique cards across all tiers / 100)

  • Jump: Total amount of finished sets across all tiers / 10

  • Avoidability: Total amount of finished sets across all tiers + total amount of unique cards across all tiers

Legion Bonus

On top of your STR/DEX/INT/LUK gained from cards, your Legion Level / 10 is added as a percentage to these stats, so if your Legion Level is 1000, you will get 1000/10 = 100% more STR/DEX/INT/LUK on your Codex. For INT, only 70% of this is applied until you get a level 5 Sylph ring.


Completing 250 quests on a single character will prove a 100 Weapon Attack and a 150 Magic Attack buff to all characters on your account. These 250 quests must be completed on one character or it will not count, so 230 quests on one character and 20 quests on another will not count. You can track your quest completions by typing @codex in game.

Here are some good guides on completing these quests efficiently:

Equipment Upgrading

There are several ways to upgrade your equipment in WindiaMS. The methods include: scrolling, item leveling, flaming, and enhancing.

How to Upgrade

The recommended steps to upgrade your gear is as follows:

  1. Scroll and Vicious Hammer
  2. Level up the Gear
  3. Flame with Powerful or Eternal Rebirth Flames
  4. Enhance with Enhancement Scrolls

This process is recommended due to how stats gain from each other. Level Up stats are based off the item's current stats, so the higher the stats are, the more you will get from Level Ups, hence why you should scroll the item first. Enhancing is the same idea and is recommended to do after leveling up the item.

Enhancing and Star Force

Enhance Scrolls are scrolls that provide a static amount of stats to your gear. These scrolls do not consume a slot. Passing an Enhance Scroll gives your gear a star. The pass rate for an Enhance Scroll starts at 75% and decreases by 5% for each star with the lowest success rate capping at 10%. Failing an Enhance scroll decreases the star count by 1. Star Protection scrolls can be purchased with 4,000 credits at Inkwell in the FM. Enhance Scrolls can be purchased by Miu Miu in the Cash Shop for 175M meso. Enhancements will grant more stats from gear that gained stats from levels. Level up stats won't increase if you level after starring.

Enhance Stats (STR/DEX/INT/LUK) = (ItemBaseStat / 7.5) * (ItemCurrentStarAmount / 15) + (ItemCurrentStarAmount * 3.5 * ItemLevelRequirement / 90)

Enhance Weapon/Magic Attack = (ItemWeapon/MagicAttack / 5) * (ItemCurrentStarAmount / 15) + (ItemCurrentStarAmount * 2.9 * ItemLevelRequirement / 90)


Flaming provides bonus stats that do not affect the others stats on your items. These do not consume a slot. To flame your items, place a Powerful Rebirth Flame or an Eternal Rebirth Flame on your item. Powerful Rebirth Flames are a global drop and in gachapon, and Eternal Rebirth Flames can be obtained by gachapon or by monsters (use @wd eternal rebirth flame in game to know where).

The stats gained by Flames are:

  • Powerful Rebirth Flame
    • Minimum Stats: (RoundDown(Item_Level / 20) + 1) * 1
    • Maximum Stats: (RoundDown(Item_Level / 20) + 1) * 7
  • Eternal Rebirth Flame
    • Minimum Stats: (RoundDown(Item_Level / 20) + 1) * 4
    • Maximum Stats: (RoundDown(Item_Level / 20) + 1) * 10

For example, when you use an eternal rebirth flame on a level 163 weapon, its stat range will be:

(RoundDown(163/20) + 1) * 4 - (RoundDown(163/20) + 1) * 10

(RoundDown(8.15) + 1) * 4 - (RoundDown(8) + 1) * 10

(8 + 1) * 4 - (8 + 1) * 10

9 * 4 - 9 * 10

36 - 90 will be the stat range for each stat when using an eternal rebirth flame on a level 163 weapon

Innocence Scroll

Innocence Scrolls can return your item back to it's average, clean state as if it were just picked up from a monster. This scroll can be obtained through crafting 250 White Scrolls into an Innocence Scroll in the Level 1 Maker Skill.

Item Leveling

Item leveling provides stats based on the item's current stats. Items can level up to level 5 by killing monsters and can level two more times by exchanging Maple Leaves to the pink bushes in the Free Market, which can be obtained through crafting 150 White Scrolls to the Level 1 Maker Skill.

You can stop items from leveling by disabling your EXP gain with the @exp command or by unequiping them.


Scrolling your gear is fairly standard to how it is in every MapleStory server. The common end game scroll to use is Chaos Scroll of Goodness combined with White Scrolls. Before then, you may want to use 10% scrolls combined with White Scrolls. Use two Vicious Hammers on your equipment to gain two extra slots with which to scroll. These can be purchased in the Cash Shop with NX.

Chaos Scroll

The Chaos Scroll gives your gear -7 ~ +7 stats per stat when it succeeds. Chaos Scrolls are a global drop from all monsters.

Chaos Scroll of Goodness

The Chaos Scroll of Goodness, or Cog, gives your gear +2 ~ +8 stats per stat when it succeeds. You can convert 100 Chaos Scrolls into 1 Cog through the Level 1 Maker Skill, or they can be found through drops (use @wd chaos scroll of goodness in game to know where).

White Scroll

The White Scroll will preserve a slot on your item when used with another scroll that fails: e.g., if you use a White Scroll with a 10% scroll and the 10% scroll fails, you will not lose a slot on that item. White Scrolls are a global drop from all monsters.


Gachapon tickets are a global drop from all monsters. They can be turned in at the gachapon machine in the Free Market.

I'm gonna list below all the items you should keep from Gachapon. Anything else, feel free to drop on the ground or sell to an NPC.

  • Naricain's Demon Elixir
  • Onyx Apple
  • White Scroll
  • Chaos Scroll
  • Eternal Rebirth Flames
  • Powerful Rebirth Flames
  • Circle of Ancient Thought and Circle of Ancient Strength
    • Part of leveling up a Sylph ring and also BiS aside from the Chaos Horntail Ring and the Sylph Ring
  • Scroll for Staff for Magic Attack 100%
    • GM Scroll
  • Scroll for Earring for INT 30%
    • GM Scroll
  • Any 10% STR/DEX/INT/LUK or M.ATT or ATT Scrolls
  • Archaeologist's Glasses
    • Good for legion characters
  • Masks
    • Good for legion characters
  • Warm Muffler
    • Good for legion characters
  • Elemental Staff 5 and Elemental Staff 7
    • Preferably with 1 INT and 180 M.ATT
    • Good starter staff for your Mages
  • Purple and Pink Adventurer Capes
    • Good for legion characters
  • Brown Work Gloves
    • Good for legion characters
  • Crystal Ilbi
    • Good if you wanna start up an Assassin


Ironman is a custom class added into WindiaMS. This is its own class and cannot be a part of any other class. Ironman can be created once you have 1,000 Legion by creating a Beginner and answering the prompt given on Maple Island.

Ironman cannot trade, drop trade, access storage, or party with other players.

Ironman provides twice the legion of a normal character to your account, i.e. up to 510 Legion or 51% All Stats.

Ironman can equip any type of gear and can gain damage from any stat, however Strength and the Knuckler weapon is the most favored.

Ironman gains 1 SP every 20 levels.

Cygnus Knights

Cygnus Knights have been revamped a little in Windia by giving them all a 4th Job. This 4th Job can be accessed at level 120 by clicking the last option in Neinhart. All skills added in their 4th Jobs can be viewed at


Credits can be purchased at Credits can be used to purchase various cosmetic and quality of life features in WindiaMS including unlimited use stylist, item vacuum, VIP, and more. All items purchased with credits can be found in the Inkwell NPC in the Free Market.

Credits can be purchased by other players by means of transfering 10,000 Credits into a Red Luck Sack via the Inkwell NPC in the Free Market. This is so no player feels forced to donate.


Voting provides NX and vote points and can be done up to three times a day per account by means of voting on GTOP100 on different connections/devices. Your vote page can be accessed by typing @vote in game or through

Vote points can be redeemed through the Agent W NPC in the Free Market for items such as item vacuum, temporary VIP, one-time stylist NPC use, and more.

Item Vacuum

Item vacuum is a legal way to be able to collect drops easier while farming. This can be purchased through Agent W in the Free Market with vote points or Inkwell in the Free Market with credits.

Item vacuum is not permanent and must be purchased again when its time expires. This item will expire even while you are logged out, so stay logged in as much as possible to use it to its fullest.


The All-in-One Stylist NPC in the Free Market, Big Headward, can be purchased for use with 15,000 Credits or can be used for one-time only with vote points through Agent W in the Free Market.

Sylph Ring

The Sylph Ring is an end-game ring that provides a lot of stats for your character. You can get this ring by trading in 1 Freud's Journal into the Mysterious Light NPC on the far left of the Free Market. Freud's Journal is a drop from various bosses; to know where to find one, type @wd freud in-game.

This ring is not able to be traded to other players but can be traded within your account by storing it with the Mysterious Light NPC. This ring cannot be leveled by ordinary means. It has to be leveled by giving various items to the Mysterious Light NPC depending on what level you are on. Here are all the items that you will need to level up your Sylph Ring.

  • Level 1

    • 1 Freud's Journal
    • Stats
      • 2 all stat, 20 HP/MP, 30 W./M.DEF
  • Level 2

    • 1 Scarlion Foot
      • Dropped from Scarlion
    • 1 Targa Foot
      • Dropped from Targa
    • 1 Freud's Journal
    • Stats
      • 16 all stat, 370 HP/MP, 15 W./M.ATT, 280 W./M.DEF
  • Level 3

    • 1 Zakum Helmet
      • Dropped from Zakum
    • 1 Zakum Diamond
      • Dropped from Zakum
    • 1 Freud's Journal
    • Stats
      • 44 all stat, 870 HP/MP, 45 W./M.ATT, 630 W./M.DEF
  • Level 4

    • 1 Horntail Pendant
      • Dropped from Horntail
    • 3 Dragon Stones
      • Dropped from Horntail
    • 1 Freud's Journal
    • Stats
      • 108 all stat, 1620 HP/MP, 105 W./M.ATT, 1280 W./M.DEF
  • Level 5

    • 1 Circle of Ancient Thought
      • Obtained from Gachapon
    • 1 Circle of Ancient Strength
      • Obtained from Gachapon
    • 3 Rocks of Time
      • Drop from Pink Bean
    • 5 Maple Leaves
      • 150 White Scrolls = 1 Maple Leaf with the Level 1 Maker Skill
    • 9 Smiley Masks
      • Dropped from Memory Monks and Memory Monk Trainees
    • 9 Frowny Masks
      • Dropped from Oblivion Monks and Oblivion Monk Trainees
    • 9 Neutral Masks
      • Dropped from Qualm Monks and Qualm Monk Trainees
    • 1 Freud's Journal
    • Stats
      • 218 all stat, 2620 HP/MP, 195 W./M.ATT, 2280 W./M.DEF. 20% critical hit chance for physical attacks and removes the 70% INT reduction from the Crusader Codex.


Veracent is the latest end-game content in Windia. This area requires you to have 80 Star Force to kill the monsters. Aside from the monsters having super buffed health, drops, and experience, this area has a questline that allows you to obtain the Level 4 Maker Skill. The questline is available at level 200. Completing the questline and obtaining the Level 4 Maker Skill, allows you to unseal Tyrant equips dropped from Kerberos, the boss of Veracent.

Tyrant Equips

Tyrant Equips are a set of gloves, cape, belt, and boots that gain more stats than usual through enhancing them, but at a cost of three Enhancement scrolls per enhancement. The sealed versions are available to be traded, but not the unsealed versions.


The Maker skill is used to craft gear like the Reverse Set and to unseal the Tyrant gear obtained from the Kerberos boss in Veracent. When playing on Ironman, the Maker Skill is really good for getting geared up to do bosses, should you want to continue your Ironman enough to boss.

It is also used to craft Chaos Scrolls of Goodness, Innocence Scrolls, and Maple Leaves.

A good guide for obtaining and leveling up the Maker skill is here: Guide to Maker Skill by Vibe.

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