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# Methodology obtained from
# This file demonstrates how to write an antispam Discord Bot with
from discord.ext import commands
import datetime
PER = 1.0
TYPE = commands.BucketType.user
class AntispamBot(commands.Bot):
def __init__(self, command_prefix, help_command=commands.DefaultHelpCommand(), description=None, **options):
super().__init__(command_prefix=command_prefix, help_command=help_command, description=description, **options)
# This creates a bucket for users that fills up whenever the user types 5 messages within 1 second.
self.antispam = commands.CooldownMapping.from_cooldown(MESSAGES, PER, TYPE)
async def on_message(self, message):
# Get the user's bucket
bucket = self.antispam.get_bucket(message)
# Get the current time
current = message.created_at.replace(tzinfo=datetime.tzinfo.utc).timestamp()
# Update the bucket and check if it is full
retry_after = bucket.update_rate_limit(current)
if retry_after:
# The user typed 5 messages within 1 second
# So after this, you can do what you need to do with that
await self.process_commands(message)
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