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from wordpress_xmlrpc import Client
from wordpress_xmlrpc.methods import users
client = Client('', 'alfred', '***********');
for user in{'role':'active_member'},['nickname','rfid_code'])):
{'_def': {'username': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679f750>, 'bio': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679fff0>, 'first_name': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679fa70>, 'last_name': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679fd50>, 'display_name': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679fe50>, 'nicename': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679fab0>, 'roles': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679fb50>, 'url': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679f990>, 'registered': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.DateTimeFieldMap object at 0xb68c1d50>, 'email': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679fd70>, 'nickname': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679f7d0>, 'id': <wordpress_xmlrpc.fieldmaps.FieldMap object at 0xb679fbb0>}, 'registered': datetime.datetime(2014, 1, 27, 14, 33, 11), 'nickname': 'parag0n', 'id': '1'}
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