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Last active Apr 26, 2022
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"basics": {
"name": "Beniamin Dudek",
"label": "Software Developer",
"picture": "",
"website": "",
"email": "",
"summary": "Self-made wannabe hacker with engineering background. I am a graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. I am mainly interested in web technologies and operating systems from the Linux family. I am an enthusiast and an advocate of Free and Open Source software. I’m highly enjoying using bleeding edge technologies, especially modern programming languages such as Go, Python or Rust. In my free time I try to develop my private projects (check my Github profile!) and broaden my knowledge of programming techniques.",
"location": {
"city": "Łódź",
"countryCode": "PL",
"region": "Łódzkie"
"profiles": [{
"network": "Twitter",
"username": "maskopatologia",
"url": ""
}, {
"network": "GitHub",
"username": "thinkofher",
"url": ""
"work": [{
"company": "OLX Group",
"position": "Software Engineer",
"startDate": "2022-02-01",
"summary": "Currently I'm working as a Golang Software Enginner at OLX Group. I'm extending functionalities of multiple OLX Real Estate SaaS services (for example:, backed by microservice architecture and AWS serverless solutions."
}, {
"company": "Grupa Wirtualna Polska",
"position": "Backend Developer",
"startDate": "2021-03-01",
"endDate": "2022-01-31",
"summary": "I was a part of the team responsible for maintenance of and During my time in WP I was able to interact with a lot of different industry standards for distributed systems, such as: mail protocols (IMAP, POP3) or authorization and authentication protocols (OAuth, OpenID, WebAuthn). I've done some R&D (mainly for WebAuthn) and systems design, especially web JSON APIs. I learned a lot about NoSQL databases, their advantages and disadvantages in terms of use within the microservices architecture."
}, {
"company": "Fujitsu Technology Solutions",
"position": "R&D Associate Software Developer",
"startDate": "2020-06-01",
"endDate": "2021-02-28",
"summary": "I developed embedded firmware for Fujitsu Server Primergy and managed infrastructure for iRMC development."
}, {
"company": "Fujitsu Technology Solutions",
"position": "R&D Intern",
"startDate": "2020-01-21",
"endDate": "2020-05-31",
"summary": "Most of the time I was developing suite for automatic functional tests for Fujitsu Redfish API implementation. I started this project from scratch and I was using mostly Python and gauge."
"volunteer": [{
"organization": "Let's solve it",
"position": "Expert",
"website": "",
"startDate": "2020-09",
"endDate": "2020-10",
"summary": "A month-long bootcamp to motivate women to join IT. My job was mentoring in the areas of git and docker."
}, {
"organization": "Hakierspejs Łódź",
"position": "Founding Member",
"website": "",
"startDate": "2020-02-21",
"summary": "Hakierspejs Lodz is organisation which unites people who enjoy open source software, hardware and free culture",
"highlights": [
"I created \"long-season\" service for checking who is currently at the hackerspace.",
"I participate in development of Telegram bot for our discussion group.",
"I conducted workshops on programming in go."
"education": [{
"institution": "University of Lodz",
"area": "Computer Science",
"studyType": "Bachelor",
"startDate": "2020-10-01"
}, {
"institution": "Lodz University of Technology",
"area": "Computer Science",
"studyType": "Bachelor",
"startDate": "2019-10-01",
"endDate": "2019-01-21"
}, {
"institution": "AGH University of Science and Technology",
"area": "Civil Engineering",
"studyType": "Bachelor",
"startDate": "2015-10-01",
"endDate": "2019-02-14"
"awards": [{
"title": "1st place",
"date": "2019-04-05",
"awarder": "9th National Conference of Civil Engineering Students and PhD Students EUROINŻYNIER",
"summary": "Research Paper Competitions (Master’s category)"
}, {
"title": "2nd place",
"date": "2018-12-06",
"awarder": "The Civil Engineering Section of the 59th Student Conference of Student Research Groups of the Mining Division of the AGH"
"skills": [{
"name": "Backend",
"keywords": [
}, {
"name": "Frontend",
"keywords": [
}, {
"name": "Devops",
"keywords": [
"Gitlab CI",
"GitHub Actions"
"languages": [{
"language": "Polish",
"fluency": "Native speaker"
}, {
"language": "English",
"fluency": "Upper-Intermediate"
"interests": [{
"name": "IoT",
"keywords": [
"Raspberry Pi",
}, {
"name": "Books",
"keywords": [
"meta": {
"theme": "spartan"
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