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Recruiting Process

Thank you in advance for taking the time to work through this project and our process. Our goal throughout is to help you showcase your skill and knowledge, so that we can best measure your potential success at Ambition. We hope that this process produces good discussion about real world problems and your overall approach to common challenges that face a professional engineer.

  1. Download this project, read the README and complete the ~1 hour project, paste the diff with comments to a private gist, and email the gist URL to our hiring team.
  2. We'll reach out to schedule a 45 minute conversation. This is an opportunity for you to ask us questions! You'll find that we're a very transparent company and believe fit is a two-way street.
  3. Complete our second (and final) project.
  4. We'll reach out to schedule a 1 hour code review. We've found this is the best way to actually simulate us working together... we can see how you think/build and you can see how we conduct code reviews (something we take quite seriously).
  5. At this point we'll switch gears to focus on culture and onboarding. This generally consists of several calls with a variety of people to ensure a) you feel comfortable joining the team and b) you'll be successful here.

If we've determined during the process that you're not the right candidate for a given role we'll notify you as to why. This is a commitment to anybody that completes Step #1.

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