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Thomas Carter thomascarterx

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This is the gemspec provided by the enginex gem when I used it to create the 'api' engine
# Provide a simple gemspec so you can easily use your enginex
# project in your rails apps through git. do |s| = "api"
s.summary = "Insert Api summary."
s.description = "Insert Api description."
s.files = Dir["{app,lib,config}/**/*"] + ["MIT-LICENSE", "Rakefile", "Gemfile", "README.rdoc"]
s.version = "0.0.1"
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This is what I need to be rendered
<a href="#"><i class="fa fa-magic"></i> Link</a>
I'm using the <a href="">font-awesome-rails</a> gem
Here is the helper section from the README, note there isn't a mention of how to use it with a link_to which is what I need.
fa_icon "camera-retro"