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from pyparsing import *
import unittest
unicode_printables = u''.join(unichr(c) for c in xrange(65536)
if not unichr(c).isspace())
word = Word(unicode_printables)
exact = QuotedString('"', unquoteResults=True, escChar='\\')
term = exact | word
comparison_name = Word(unicode_printables, excludeChars=':')
comparison = comparison_name + Literal(':') + term
content = OneOrMore(comparison | term)
class ParserTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
""" Tests the internals of the parser. """
def assertMatch(self, parser, input):
parser.parseString(input, parseAll=True)
def assertNoMatch(self, parser, input):
parser.parseString(input, parseAll=True)
except ParseException:
raise ValueError('match should fail', input)
def test_word(self):
self.assertMatch(word, 'john')
self.assertNoMatch(word, 'john taylor')
def test_exact(self):
self.assertMatch(exact, '"john taylor"')
self.assertMatch(exact, r'"John said \"Hello world\""')
self.assertNoMatch(exact, 'john')
def test_term(self):
self.assertMatch(term, 'john')
self.assertMatch(term, '"john taylor"')
self.assertNoMatch(term, 'john taylor')
def test_comparison(self):
self.assertMatch(comparison, 'created_by: justin')
self.assertMatch(comparison, 'created_by : justin')
self.assertMatch(comparison, 'created_by :justin')
self.assertMatch(comparison, 'location: "san francisco"')
self.assertNoMatch(comparison, 'justin')
def test_content(self):
self.assertMatch(content, 'john')
self.assertMatch(content, '"john taylor"')
self.assertMatch(content, 'john taylor')
self.assertMatch(content, 'calls: 0 status: trial')
self.assertMatch(content, 'john calls: 0 status: "trial expired"')
self.assertMatch(content, 'spam "john taylor" bacon egg')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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